Ukraine-Russian war: Russian shelling ‘destroy’ Ukraine maternity hospital on 9 March

Russia forces wey surround di southern port city of Mariupol don destroy one maternity hospital, Ukraine yok.

President Volodymyr Zelensky say children bin dey under di wreckage, and call on Western leaders to impose no-fly zone.

Im also post video from inside di hospital, wey appears badly damaged.

E neva get any imformate yet about any death or injuy, or on whobin dey inside di hospital wen di bombing dey happun.

Mariupol city council say di strike don cause “colossal damage”, and dem publish video wey show buildings wey don burn finish, cars wey dey destroyed and one very big hole outside di hospital.

BBC don confam di location of di videos.

Russia forces don surround Mariupol for several days, and all attempts to get ceasefire to allow civilians to leave no work.

“Di whole city dey without electricity, water, food, whatever and people dey die sake of lack of water for dia body,” Olena Stokoz of Ukraine Red Cross tell BBC.

E add say her organisation go continue trying to organise evacuation corridor.

Earlier Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba say, “almost 3,000 newborn babies lack medicine and food” for Mariupol, and say Russia still continue to hold more dan 400,000 pipo “hostage”.

Russia insist say e no dey target civilian infrastructure for Ukraine.

Humanitarian convoys

Meanwhile, convoy of civilians don ready to leave several towns near Ukraine capital, Kyiv, according to regional leader Oleksiy Kuleba.

Ukraine armed forces agreed to stop firing on Wednesday on six evacuation routes for 12 hours, from 09:00 to 21:00 local time (07:00 to 19:00 GMT).

Dem ask Russia forces to fulfil dia commitment to di local ceasefires, but Russia shelling still continue wit more reports of civilian deaths.

Civilian evacuations map 9 March

Oleksiy Kuleba, wey dey head Kyiv regional administration, say civilians suppose to leave town like Bucha and Hostomel to di north-west of Kyiv, as several of dem under Russian occupation. “I really hope say everytin go dey fine and we go look afta our people.”

Police said convoy of buses and oda vehicles dey on dia way and dem ask residents to follow dia instructions.

For separate incident dem say Russia forces don kill one policeman as im dey helep evacuate civilians from di town of Demydiv north of Kyiv.

Mayor of Russian-controlled Enerhodar for south say civilians don begin enta buses to leave, but for di north-east, officials say Russia don block anoda key corridor from Izyum, southeast of Kharkiv sake of dia bombardment.

One woman dey dem dey call Valentina wit her relatives for northern city of Chernihiv tell BBC say Ukraine soldiers bin prevent some long line of civilians wey bin wan leave by car on Tuesday.

She speak to her relatives early on Wednesday: “Ukraine pipo sen dem back, tell dem say dem dey fight for road.

Yesterday somebody come from di oda direction of di road, so dem no close am.”

She also say pipo for Chernihiv, wey dey hide inside cellars or for underground from daily Russia missile attacks, dem neva tell dem about di evacuation corridors.

Ukraine managed to carry out im first mass evacuation on Tuesday, dem move about 5,000 civilians by bus from Sumy to Poltava, for centre.

Di convoy take almost 12 hours to reach di city, as dem force dem to drive follow long way round areas of active fighting.

BBC correspondent Sarah Rainsford watch as some of di civilians wey arrive leave crowded buses and rush for di waiting train.

Many for di first convoy out of Sumy na medical students from India. One woman described two “miserable” weeks living mostly underground wit small supply of water and food. “We bin dey starve,” Manisa tok.