Osun state APC primary: Governor Gboyega Oyetola, Moshood Adeoti and Lasun Yusuf go battle to be di flagbearer of di party

Three aspirants, di incumbent Govnor, Adegboyega Oyetola, ex Secretary to di state goment, Moshood Adeoti, and di former Deputy Speaker of di House of Representatives, Lasun Yusuf, go battle on Saturday, 19 February, for di All Progressives Congress (APC) govnorship ticket for di Osun state election.

Di contest even though na in-house, party mata na one wey never comot from headlines becos of di contenders wey dey involved.

Asides from dia experience wit politics, wetin make di race interesting again na di pipo wey stand behind dem for di state.

Govnor Adegboyega Oyetola

As di incumbent govnor, e get advantage over di oda two aspirants.

Also, im position as member of APC Caretaker National Leadership, wia e dey represent South West na also sometin wey boost im CV. Di committee wia Oyetola na member go conduct di govnorship primary.

Tori be say Oyetola get strong hold on di elected APC party structure from ward to state level. Since e come on board for 2018, e don build army of party loyalists in all di 332 wards for di state and dis one fit epp im course on Saturday.

Moshood Adeoti

Adeoti be di state chairman of Alliance for Democracy and later Action Congress before.

E be experienced political figure and get strong supporters wey dey support im ambition.

Osun state ex-Govnor Rauf Aregbesola bin appoint am secretary to di state government, post wey e hold till e comot from APC weeks to di 2018 govnorship primary.

Reports say Adeoti don fire up im political machinery wey spread across di state, since e join di race for APC ticket, and e dey also enjoy di support of Aregbesola.

Lasun Yusuf

Many pipo for Osun state remember Lasun Yusuf becos of im tenure as deputy speaker of House of Representatives.

Many pipo for APC for di state also consider am as strong enough financially to pursue and get, not only di govnorship ticket, but also to contest and make am for di real election.

Di crisis within APC

Di ruling party for di state dey battle wit some crisis.

E start not long afta Oyetola win for di Supreme Court, di case wey di PDP candidate for di 2018 election, Senator Ademola Adeleke bring against am.

Part of di gbege na di reversal of some education policies wey Aregbesola administration start by Oyetola goment.

Di policies include single uniform, school merger, renaming of schools and school reclassification.

Di ex acting chairman of di party, Lowo Adebiyi suspension by APC Elders Caucus afta e form group dem call ‘The Osun Progressives.’

Members of TOP NA mainly supporters of Aregbesola and di group get structures for many local goment areas in di state.

Oyetola and Aregbesola gbas-gbos

Di struggle for di APC ticket also bring out di state of di relationship between Oyetola and di former govnor of Osun state, wey now be di Interior Minister, Rauf Aregbesola.

Aregbesola for di last rally im group hold to win support for Adeoti for Ikire, say im successor fight wit am afta e become govnor.

“I beg am for two years, I tell am say pipo must not mock us I tell am say e dey head towards destruction. I serve dis state with di whole of my heart, I also position Oyetola, so dat e fit succeed me for office.

“Wen we come to dis town (Ikire) for im campaign, rain beat us from Akire palace to dis place. E reach dat office, e claim say I be im enemy, those wey contest against am during our party primary e pull dem closer, while e dey fight me.

“All wey I tell and warn am not to do, na wetin e do. E oppose wetin I do, all di tins I do togeda wit am for eight years, e oppose and reverse dem. E tink say e fit destroy me through my work, nobody push am, e push imself. E wage war at me and refuse to listen to my begging until e get rid of me.” Aregbesola tok.

“Wen Adeoti dey angry with us, e no abuse us, wen we refuse to do wetin e want, e protest but e no ever curse us. We don realise our mistake. Dat na why we give am di ticket of our caucus.” Aregbesola add.

But Special Adviser to di govor on Political Affairs, Sunday Akere, respond say Aregbesola only express personal opinion, e insist say Oyetola no fight am.

Akere said, “Our former principal only expressed personal opinion wey no one bin know. Oyetola no fight am. E declare say Oyetola tenure na im third term and e bin wan dey in charge.” E tok.