Valentine’s day messages: ‘Facebook love story’ of dis couple wey reunite afta like 10 years totori pipo

‘I no fit imagine myself wit any oda pesin’
The British Broadcasting Corporation

Di tori of Yemisi and Godwin become social media sensation sake of how di two lovers wey lose communication and later reunite 10 years later.

“I meet my wife for 2008 and we begin date officially for 2009 afta we don become friends. Godwin tell BBC Pidgin for exclusive interview.

“We lose communication around 2010 sake of dem tiff my fone and I begin send Yemisi message on social media again for 20212.”, Godwin tok.

Yemisi no ever respond to im messages on social media becos she no see am until di 10th of April 2020 wen be afta her birthday.

‘I bin dey vex’

Yemisi tok say di reason she air her husband for eight years na sake of say she bin dey vex.

“Afta me and my husband bin lose contact di tin pain me and e no even try find me or look for my number so I vex. So time come pass I come travel out, I come begin dey see im message for Facebook with annoyance I still dey vex say e no find me so I no look im message. I also dey oda relationship dat time so I no get time to give am attention, dis na almost eight years e dey message me back and forth and I no respond until di mon th of my birthday 2020 wey I dey try respond to messages pipo send me for my birthday I come see im own I come respond.” She tok.

She say she bin dey scroll through her messages, na im she see Godwin message and she later reply.

One year later dem two announce dia engagement.

‘My friend bin call her Yokozuna (plus size)’

Godwin tok about some of di challenges and criticism dem face and how some of im friends bin comment say she be plus size.

“Wen I be wan marry my wife dat time, some of my friends tell me say see as you be atinga you wan go marry Yokozuna. I say wetin concern size and marriage? I say you never see pesin wey dey marry di same size and em go still get trouble?” Godwin tok.

Yemisi also open up on di moment she realise say na Godwin she wan marry.

“Wen I realise say my husband na di pesin wey I wan spend di rest of my life wit, na wen im dey take tins wey relate wit me personally – like my work, my life and my spirituality. Im dey always wan dey involved in anytin wey concern me

E dey treat me like im best friend and I no fit imagine myself wit any oda pesin.” Yemisi tell BBC Pidgin.

But like every oda love tori wey dey come wit dia challenges, Yemisi and Godwin also experience dia own fair share, from inter-tribal criticism to body size.

Godwin say wen im wan marry im wife, some of im friends bin dey tell am say im wan marry pesin wey im stature big pass own

But dis one no move am

“I say wetin concern size, concern marriage. I tell dem say pipo dey same size no mean dia marriage go work.

Inter-tribal marriage palava

Godwin say im also face criticism sake of im tribe wey no be di same wit im wife own.

Godwin come from di South East of Nigeria, while Yemisi na from di South West. But im family no first support dia engagement sake of im be Igbo and im wife na Yoruba

“My parents no really support my marriage dat time because she be Yoruba, me I be Igbo and as di first son I must marry from my tribe.

But I tell dem dis na wetin God want from me and wetin me I like, na im be wetin I go wan do ” e tok.

Godwin say some of im friends wey bin dey yab am say im wan go do inter-tribal marriage come later come begin hail am say im see better wife.