How ‘doctor’ for Benue state allegedly comot girl ovaries during operation and her family cry for justice

Mama of girl dem allegedly cut off her ovaries


On dat day three years ago, family of one I8-year-old girl bin enta di theatre wit hope say di surgical blade of di doctor go end her months of serious pain – But instead, na di start of her agoni.

Di bele wey dey pain her increase, she begin sick-sick and her period dry up and for three years, she don dey live wit dis pain.

Aneh, (no be her real name) be 15 years old wen one theatre technician, Agber Kwende do her operation for Gemanen Health Clinic, Ageraga, for Gaav Konshisha Local Government Area of Benue State – E allegedly remove her ovaries and oda important reproductive organs.

According to Aneh mama, Mgbatuman Ianna, dem don do pass seven scans and dem show say her fallopian tube dey shrink and she no go fit born for life again.

Aneh mama

Aneh mama want justice for her pikin

‘Appendicitis operation’

46-year-old Mgbatuman Ianna wey be Aneh mama say her heart dey bleed sake of di trauma wey her pikin dey go through.

She tell BBC Pidgin say di whole drama of her pikin health wahala start for May 2019.

Anytime Aneh bin dey see her period, belle bin dey pain her.

Sake of say she no fit see her dey cry of pain all di time, she cari her go one of di local hospital for dia area wey be

Gemanen Health Clinic, Ageraga for check up and di owner of di hospital come ask dem to go do scan for Gboko.

Wen dem return to di hospital wit di scan result, e come analyse di result say she get appendicitis plus ovarian cyst.

E book dem for operation and borrow moni from bank give dem to pay for di operation.

Days later, precisely for May 2019, e come invite Kwende to do di operation.

But rada dan di operation to solve di problem wey dem go theatre for, e come compound di mata as her pikin kontinu to fall sick all di time.

Di hospital wia dem do di operation

Di hospital wia dem do di operation

Di journey for cure

Wen e come dey clear say Dooyum bodi dey get worse, her mama come become anxious.

She cari her go different hospital to run anoda test and scan to know exactly wetin dey disturb her.

Afta dem do several scan and visit several doctors, dem inform dem say di place wey dem operate di girl dey swell up- so she decide to raise moni to cari her go beta hospital.

Finally dem land for St John hospital wia dem run anoda scan wey show say dem cut off her ovaries.

Di Gboko police command arrest di ‘doctor’ wey do di operation plus di owner of di hospital afta dem point dem out.


Aneh say she still dey feel pain

‘Trauma for life’

Aneh say di first time dem break di news to her she cry and even di nurses for di hospital join her cry.

She tell BBC Pidgin say she no happy at all sake of say she no go “fit get pikin again for her lifetime.”

She say daily, she live for misery and pain.

At di moment, she say she dey traumatised and heartbroken.

Her family dey demand for justice and some compensation for her.

Thatch huts for Gaav Konshisha Local Government Area of Benue State

Benue state goment say anti-quackery committee and joint committee wey include security pipo dey waka round communities and close down clinics wey no dey registered.

‘Na only Ovarian Cyst I remove, I no touch Ovaries’ – Kwende

Di Benue state police command don arrest and detain Kwende and owner of di hospital, Joseph Ugoh and dem don deny any wrong doing.

Agber Kwende na theatre Technician by profession.

For interview wit BBC Pidgin, e claim say e don dey operate since 1982 as a theatre technician

E say wen im friend Joseph Ugoh wey get Gemanen Health Clinic, Ageraga bin invite am to come do di operation, e chook eye for di scan result and discover say Aneh get ovarian cyst and her right ovary dey swell up.

E say di operation wey dem supposed do her na wedge resection -according to her condition.

E say wen e open her, e realise say she also get appendicitis and e come ask im friend say e beta make dem remove am now so dat e no go affect her again for future.

So dem come cari out di operation and since den, no bodi don reach out to am to say di operation get K-leg until for February dis year wen police come arrest am from im clinic say im do operation and remove Aneh ovaries.

E explain give say im don work for Nyom hospital for 12 years and don operate pipo dia and na from dia im resign to set up im own clini and im don operate on plenti pipo and no one don get dis kain wahala before.

E say im no dey sure say di operation cause di sickness and dat im dey shock say her parents cari her waka go different hospital and labs to go do scan but dem no inform am wey do di operation.

Di owner of di hospital, Joseph Ugoh confam say for May 2019, wen her cousin bring her girl pikin for check up,

E say for im own eye, di operation dey successful and e no get anytime wey di girl parents cari report come to am say anything dey worry her.

E say sometime dis year, Aneh mama call am to inform am say di pikin still dey suffer di same pain and im request to see dem so day im go still chook eye for di scan result and find solution to di problem and dat na di following day dem come catch dem.

Joseph na community health extension worker but say im get license from di ministry of health for di state to operate clinic.

Pipo gada outside Aneh parents house

Aneh parents say dem run upandan to find solution to di pain of dia daughter

Police Investigation

Benue state police command don arrest both di owner of di hospital and di theatre technician and detain dem for Makurdi while dem cari out thorough investigation.

Benue state police tok-tok pesin, Catherin Anene say di police go involve professional for di mata and afta di investigation, dem go charge dem to court.

Meanwhile di Benue state Commissioner  for Health, Joseph Ngbea say im dey worry on top di news of wetin happun to Aneh.

According to am, every month during period, di ovaries of women dey enlarge and because Kwende no know di anatomy of di human bodi, e come conclude say na ovarian cyst.

E further explain say di job of theatre technician no be to operate patient but to epp doctor during operation to set di equipment and make sure say dem dey sterilised.

E say di state get anti-quackery committee and dem get joint committee wey include security pipo and di state internal revenue and dia goal na to waka to community and close down clinics wey no dey registered.

E say dem go make sure say all those wey no get license for di state to operate, dem go catch dem.