How implant make spinal cord injury patient to start to walk again

Michel Walking Top

Michel Walking Top

One paralysed man wey im spinal cord bin cut don start to work again sake of one implant wey one team of Swiss researchers bin develop.

Michel Roccati bin dey paralysed afta im suffer motorcycle accident five years ago. Im spinal cord bin cut completely so e no fit feel im legs at all.

Na di first time wey pesin wey im spinal cord don cut like dat go fit walk freely.

Wetin make am start to walk again na one electrical implant wey dem use surgery attach to im spine.

Dis same technology na im dem use help one paralysed patient to give im wife belle.

How di spinal implant dey work



Di neurosurgeon wey do di surgery for Michel, Prof Jocelyne Bloch from di Laboratoire de Neurothérapies et Neuromodulation – LNTM bin insert di implant for im spine come connect di electrodes of di implant to di pesin individual nerve fibres.

Nerves for di spinal cord na wetin dey usually send signals from di brain enta di legs. Some pipo dey paralyzed because say di nerves dey damaged sake of injury.

For Michel case no signal dey go im leg at all on top say, im spinal cord bin cut completely.

But di implants dey sen di signals directly to im legs wey dey allow am to dey waka but only wen di implant dey on.

Howeva di researchers wey do di implant say no be cure for spinal cord injury sake of say, di technology too dey complicated to dey used for everyday use.

But dem say na beta step to quality life on top say e dey exercise muscles, improve health and even fit restore small movement.

Wetin dem dey use am do now, na to exercise di leg muscles and for better health.

How di implant don change lives

David and Zoe

David and Zoe

So far na nine pipo don collect di implant and dey use am to waka small.

David M’zee na one of di patients wey first collect di implant and now e fit walk with walker like Michel.

Wen im bin get im spinal injury for 2010, e bin lose im ability to get pikin but im health don improve sotay e don become papa.

Im daughter, Zoe now na one year old and she dey use her own walker to race her papa.

David also find out say di implant also help am with im hypotension on top say e dey increase blood pressure.

Wetin e go take to help paralysed pipo walk perfectly?

Michel walking


Prof Grégoire Courtine wey lead di team wey develop di technology for di École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) say long road still dey for front before dem go fit use dis technology to make pesin waka regularly.

E say, “dis no be cure for spinal cord injury”.

Cure go need require di rebuilding of di spinal cord wey fit need stem cell therapies, wey still dey very early stage for di research.

Prof Courtine believe say im implant technology fit collabo with di nerve regeneration treatments wen dem dey ready.