Queen Elizabeth dey celebrate 70th anniversary of her reign

Queen Elizabeth II with celebration cake

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Di Queen of England don comot to cut cake for di celebration of her Platinum Jubilee wen she meet with members of di Sandringham community a day before di 70th anniversary of her reign as Queen of England.

Ahead of wetin dem dey call Accession Day, she play host to volunteer groups wey include pensioners and members of di local Women Institute (WI) group.

Di Queen don be member of di Sandringham branch of di WI since 1943 and don be dia presido since 2003.

On Sunday, she go don reign for 70 year except from di Accession Day. Di day go also mark di death of her papa, George VI for 1952.

Queen Elizabeth II cutting a cake

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Dis event for di Sandringham House na di largest in person public event wey di Queen don attend since October wen she attend reception for Windsor Castle.

Recently, pipo don dey fear for her health afta she spend di night for hospital and royal doctors order her to rest last autumn.

But Vice-president of di Sandringham WI Yvonne Browne, say di Queen bin dey “sparkling” form on Saturday as she follow pipo dey laugh and joke for di event.

The Queen looks at a fan, surrounded by memorabilia from her jubilees

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New pictures of di Queen bi comot dis week, as she bin dey look tins she get from her former jubilees
The Queen in Sandringham on 5 February

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Di Queen bin meet younger members of di local community for di event
The Queen with Angela Wood, who helped make Coronation chicken for the first time

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Di Queen with Angela Wood, wey bin make di Coronation chicken wen dem crown her

Royal Correspondent Sean Coughlan say di reception for di Queen Accession dey normally dey lowkey on top say na also anniversary of di death of her papa.

Queen Elizabeth go be di first British monarch for history wey go celebrate her Platinum Jubilee.

Sunday go mark di start of di jollification for her jubilee and e go end with four day bank holiday weekend from di 2nd to di 5th of June.

During dis period, dem go hold concerts, street parties and Platinum Jubilee Pageant and open up di private estates for Sandringham and Balmoral for di long June weekend.

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