Macky Sall: Senegal President take over as Africa Union chairperson

Senegal President, Macky Sall don dey announced as di new Chairperson of di African Union Assembly.

President Sall dey take over from di Democratic Republic of Congo President, Antoine Felix Tshisekedi.

Di official handing over happun during di opening of di 35th Ordinary Session of Assembly of di African Union wey dey go on for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Chairperson of di African Union Commission, Moussa Faki Mahamat congratulate di new chairman say e hope say “im pragmatism, sense of method, determination and ambitions for Africa go raise real hopes say di enterprise wey im predecessors launch go gain new momentum despite di difficult economic and health circumstances for Africa.”

Di Senegalese President dey endorsed for di position by di Economic Community of West African States wey bin dey expected to produce di next AU chairperson.

Im go serve for di capacity for di 2022-2-23 period.

Sall tenure go mark di fourth time Senegalese leader go dey run di AU after Léopold Sédar Senghor (1980) and Abdou Diouf (1985 and 1992).

E dey take over leadership even as di continent dey faced wit di challenge of Covid-19, economic recovery and political tensions.

Di Senegalese Presido wey also be di new AU chairman assure member kontris of im commitment to di union mandate.

Challenges before di new chairperson

Macky Sall.

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President Sall dey expected to inherit di former chairman task wey be to try find solution to di conflict between Ethiopian goment forces and di Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Military transition goments wey don tey and coup wey dey happun for Africa na some of di tins wey di new chairperson go need look into.

Sall go dey monitor closely di military transition goments for Guinea, Chad and especially Mali, wey be Senegal neighbour.

For December inside one interview, e tok say “We no fit allow make di military continue to dey take power by force for dis part of Africa. We dey for democracy, where power dey won through elections.”

Di fight against Covid-19

In addition to security issues, Sall also dey expected to tackle di Covid-19 pandemic.

Less than 11% of di continent population na im dey fully vaccinated according to WHO, because of di continent unequal access to vaccines. Africa dey depend highly on di generosity of rich western kontris through di Covax initiative.

Di vaccine sovereignty of African states go be one of di issues at stake during im tenure chairman of di AU.

Economic recovery

For 2020, Africa experience “im worst economic recession” in 50 years, according to di African Development Bank.

According to di International Monetary Fund, sub-Saharan Africa dey expected to return to slow growth of 3.7% for 2021 and 3.8% in 2022. Di Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), one emergency $650bn fund wey di IMF launch for August dey expected to help accelerate dis recovery.

Another challenge for di Senegalese president na to obtain permanent seats on di UN Security Council for Africa.