US to begin no-interview visa renewals for Nigeria – See who dey qualify

US to begin no-interview visa renewals for Nigeria- See who dey qualify

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U.S. Mission for Nigeria say dem dey expand visa services to assist non-immigrant visa applicants inside di kontri wey qualify to renew dia visa to be able to do so without interview.

Dis new application procedure go begin February for di U.S. Consulate inside Lagos and go dey extended shortly thereafter to di U.S. Embassy for Abuja.

Before now, applicants for U.S. visas dey required to appear in person for visa interview for di Embassy for Abuja or di Consulate General for Lagos. Di pesin must schedule appointment for dat interview, either online using dia website or through dia call center.

But dat one go change now.

According to statement from di U.S mission inside Nigeria, di number of qualify applicants wey fit apply using di new procedures go dey limited at first.

Those applicants wey meet di criteria fit apply for Lagos until di service don dey extended to Abuja.

U.S mission add say only one member of di family unit dey required to drop-off di application documents; children no need to come drop-off in pesin.

Dem say processing time fit take up to two months, although dem dey hope to process most cases within few weeks, once pesin submit im travel documents.

But dem no go dey able to return di document back to di pesin until im case don dey completed.

Who dey qualify for visa renewal without Interview

Pipo wey dey likely to dey eligible for visa renewal without interview na those wey dia application na for B1/B2, F, M, J (academic only), H, L or C1/D (combined only) visa and must meet each of di following criteria:

  • If dem issue your previous visa for Nigeria.
  • If your previous visa dey di same classification as your current application.
  • If your previous visa na full validity, multiple entry visa.
  • If your previous visa expire within di last 24 months or go expire for di next 3 months from di date of application.
  • If you get all your passports wey cover di entire period since you receive di previous visa and di passport with di most recent visa.
  • If dem neva arrest or convict you for any crime or offense for di United States, even if you later receive waiver or pardon.
  • If you neva don work without authorization or remain beyond your permitted time for di United States.

Step wey applicant need to follow

Pipo wey dey qualify for dis process go first pay for dia visa fee online or pay in cash for di assign bank before dem plan to apply to renew dia visa.

Pesin wey meet up with di criteria go later need to visit di US travel website and start im application by following all di steps wey dey dia.