Ukraine: US troops dey on alert as oda kontris unite wit Ukraine

Na US soldiers dey dis foto for di opening ceremony of di "Rapid Trident-2018" international military exercise for Starytchi, outside Lviv on September 3, 2018.

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Di Pentagon say US troops dey on standby to deploy Europe, if Russia invade Ukraine (file picture)

US President Joe Biden say “total agreement” dey wit European leaders as Russia troop dey gather around di border of Ukraine.

During crisis tok-tok on Monday, Western powers agree to “quick” and “unannounced” sanctions against Russia if dem invade.

Di US don also position 8,500 troops on alert.

Russia don deny say dem plan to invade, despite deploying reach 100,000 soldiers for Ukraine border.

Joining di US and UK on di call na di leaders of France, Germany, Italy, Poland and di EU. Di head of Nato, Jens Stoltenberg also join di meeting.

“I get very, very, very good meeting – total unanimity wit all di European leaders,” oga Biden tok.

Tok-tok pesin for Downing Street say di leaders “agree on di importance of international unity for di face of growing Russian hostility”.

If Russia invade Ukraine, dem agree say all “allies must immediately respond including to hit dem wit plenty sanctions”.

Di aim of di 80-minute video call between di allies na to agree on a common strategy against Russia, afta some disagreement over how Western nations dey respond.

On Monday, UK PM Boris Johnson warn say “gloomy” intelligence suggest say Russia dey plan dangerous raid on di Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and di UK start to withdraw some staff from dia embassy.

Di US take di same action, by ordering family members of dia embassy workers to comot.

But EU workers go remain for di kontri for now, as foreign policy chief Josep Borrell tok say im no go “dramatise” di tension.

US troops on high alert

Di Pentagon say dem get 8,500 combat-ready US troops wey dey on alert to deploy at short notice.

But dem go only deploy dem if Nato military alliance decide to activate a rapid-reaction force, “or if oda situations develop”, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby tok.

Plan no dey to deploy to Ukraine, e add.

Some Nato members, including Denmark, Spain, France and di Netherlands, don dey already plan to send fighter jets and warships to eastern Europe to boost defences for di region.

Over di weekend, some 90 tonnes of US “dangeorus aid” including ammunition for “front-line defenders” arrive for Ukraine.

Kremlin say dem see Nato as a security threat, and dem dey demand legal guarantees say dia alliance no go extend go east, including into neighbouring Ukraine. But di US don tok say di issue wey dey ground now na Russian aggression, no be Nato expansion.

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Ukrainians prepare for possible invasion

For months now, Ukrainians don dey prepare one territorial defence force of volunteers. Dem dey train for a possible defence of Kyiv.

One woman member, Marta Yuzkiv, wey be doctor in her 50s, tell BBC say: “Of course e dey worry me. I be peaceful woman, I no want war. But in any case, in case if e start I suppose dey ready to defend my kontri.”

Andrei Volkov, wey be IT consultant for Kyiv, call di situation “dangerous”.

“Di situation dey extremely tense, I tink something fit happen,” e tok, adding say im dey “emergency plans”.

“To go western Ukraine I dey tink, to go wia go dey safe.”

Russia don seize Ukrainian territory before, dem occupy Crimea for 2014. Afta Russian forces seize control, Crimea vote to join Russia for referendum di West and Ukraine say e dey illegal.

Russian-backed rebels also control areas of eastern Ukraine near Russia borders. Di fight-fight don cost an estimated 14,000 lives, wit one peace deal for 2015 wey nobody don fulfil.

Map shows where Russia's troops are positioned