Hanifa Abubakar death: Court remand alleged killer of 5 year old Kano pupil as goment withdraw all private schools licences

Magistrate court for Kano, northern Nigeria don remand Abdulmalik Tanko, Hashim Isyaku and Fatima Musa wey be suspects for di kidnap and murder of 5year-old Hanifa Abubabkar for prison until 2nd February 2022 after Police present dem for court on Monday.

Dem bin kidnap her on di 4th of December, 2021 as she dey return from Islamic school with her friends and find her deadi body last Thursday forone shallow grave.

Di registrar read di charges to di suspects wey be conspiracy to kidnap and murder of di year old pupil and all 3 say dem understand di charges.

After di remand, commissioner of justice for Kano Musa Lawal tell tori pipo say dem go prepare di charge sheet and charge di suspects to an upper court in di next four days.

“Police don finish dia investigation and di reason we come dis court na to get court to remand dem for prison while we prepare our charge sheets so in di next four days we go charge di suspects to an upper court.”

“Dis court no hold jurisdiction to handle dis kain case so di main thing today na for police to get legal backing wey go allow dem hold di suspects continuously until next di main case start.”

Police bin dey hold di suspects since Thursday bring dem in around 1:45pm.

Goment withdraw private schools licences for di state

Commissioner of Education Muhammad Said Kiru


Meanwhile, Commissioner of Education Muhammad Said Kiru say di state don withdraw all licences of private schools and dem go announce criteria for private schools.

Di commissioner say di problem of Hanifa and oda issues na why dem withdraw di licences and only private schools wey meet criteria go get new licence.

“As i dey tok now we don arrest anoda private school proprietor wey dey rape students apart from dis Hanifa case.”

“Dis na why we decide to suspend all licences of private school operators until we re-certify dem.”

Although di commissioner say di schools go continue to dey teach as goment go form committee wey go re-validate dem.



Mood for court

Some pipo come court despite di short notice just to see di suspects over dis case wey still dey shock pipo.

Tori pipo also full and also human rights and oda non governmental organisations wey dey follow di mata.

‘Justice for Hanifa’

Justice for Hanifa begin trend afta police discover di remains of Hanifa inside Northwest Preparatory school for Tudun Murtala area of Kano city – na school wey she dey attend and dem arrest three pipo over di case including her teacher.

Family of Hanifa dey call for justice.

Pipo of Kawaji area of Kano state dey in shock afta dem discover Hanifa deadi-bodi.

Tori of Hanifa kidnap touch many pipo on social media at di time as dem see foto of di young girl.

Abubakar Abdulsalam, papa of Hanifa bin share im last moments with im daughter.

Abdulsalam wey say dem still dey in shock over wetin happun but at di same time know say na test from God.

E say, “as Hanifa prepare to comot for school on dat particular Saturday she come meet am.

“She come meet me say she don prepare for Islamiyah (Islamic school) I come tell her say make she pray and for my presence she come repeat di prayer.”

“Afta, she turn to di mother tell her say mummy, if you dey come back from market helep me buy Alewar madara (milk candy).”

Dat na di final moments Abubakar spend with im daughter.