University professor dey go prison for sexual favour in exchange for students grades

University professor dey go prison for sexual favour in exchange for students grades

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University students for dis area don repeatedly complain of sexual harassment

One University professor go spend Twenty-four months for prison.

Di Economics professor wey dey lecture for Hassan I University for Settat city inside Morocco bin dey face accuse say e dey give students good grades so dat im go get sexual favours from dem.

Court convict di professor of indecent behaviour, sexual harassment and violence.

Na di first time dis kind judgement dey happun to high-profile sexual harassment cases for universities for Morocco.

Four more lectures wey dia hands dey for di scandal go still appear for court.

How e take happun?

Na from Social Media pipo hear about di mata for September afta dem leak some of di messages wey di lecturers send to dia students.

Di allegations wey make pipo para well well for Morocco no surprise dem sake of say many of dis kain scandals don spoil di reputation of universities for Morocco and also give dem bad name recently.

University professor dey go prison for sexual favour in exchange for students grades

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Wetin dey different

Di new tin for dis case be say, since all dis allegations of sexual harassments dey happun nobody don reach court.

Plenti cases and incidents wey pipo dey report no dey lead to trials.

One Rights groups say di situation resemble society wey sexual violence dey happun evriwia.

Plenti Women no dey confident to report dia experience sake of concerns how pipo withdraw from dem or look dem like say dem spoil dia family name.

Sexual harassment for African universities

Sexual harassment for tertiary institutions dey happun for evriwia for di world.

But we go put our torchlight for Africa.

For 2019 BBC Africa Eye do one documentary “Sex for Grades”.

Dat documentary show plenti tins as lectures dey harass students sexually.

E also show how lecturers dey boast of affairs wey dem get wit students.

Two years afta dem expose di sex-for-grades documentary, two senior lecturers of University of Lagos chop sack.

Dem find di lecturers, Dr Boniface Igbeneghu, Department of European Language and Integrated Studies and Dr Samuel Oladipo wey dey Department of Economics guilty of allegations of sexual harassment.

University of Lagos bin set up panel to investigate di allegations of sexual harassment against di two lecturers and di sex-for-grades scandal.

Dem be one of di lecturers wey dem video secretly as BBC dey do dia investigation for Africa Eye.

Di video show as dem dey physically harass an undercover student and try to kiss her inside office wey dey locked.

Di documentary also show as two lecturers for di University of Ghana dey discuss.

Di two lecturers Professor Ransford Gyampo and Dr Paul Kwame Butakor, deny say dem dey do “sex for grades”

For December 2019 University of Abuja dismiss two professors over alleged and inappropriate relationships wit some female students for di school.

One professor too follow for di pipo wey chop demotion sake of di alleged offence dat time.

Na for July 2019 one female student for di university allege say di professor dey ask her for sex to give her marks.

Dis one happun afta dem police allegedly catch am red handed for hotel room.