‘I dey shame to ask pipo money na why I remove roof of my house sell’ – Katsina State man wey sell im roof to pay for son ransom

'Why I remove roof of my house to sell' to pay for my son ransom


Mallam Saidu Faskari wey im story go viral after e remove roof sheets of im house to sell to go pay ransom for im kidnapped son say na shame to ask pipo for money make am act like dat.

Mallam Saidu pikin on Thursday for previous week enter bush to go pay ransom for im papa when di bandits colect di money, dem release Mallam Saidu but kidnap di pikin saying dem want anoda ransom to release am too.

Di man wey dey stay Faskari town for Katsina state for northwest Nigeria add say when bandits kidnap am few weeks ago na im neighbours and oda pipo helep raise di ransom money and now wey dem kidnap im pikin e dey do am somehow to seek for help again.

“Few weeks ago I dey farm dey try get small grains wey I go use feed myself and family when bandits kidnap me, dem demand N50,000 as ransom and na pipo gather money give my pikin to go pay.”

“Na as my pikin go to pay ransom dem kidnap am come release me saying I have to pay N100,000 ransom for my pikin.”

“Afta I come house I come dey tink of how to raise money, shame no allow me go meet pipo because dem try for me wella to pay for my own release na why I just say make I comot di roof of my house to sell make we dey live like dat since no be rainy season now.”

Men help remove roof of Mallam Saidu

From di money wey pipo dash am Mallam Saidu don put di roof back for im house

Fortunately for Mallam Saidu, im neighbour, Mallam Ibrahim Bawa dey aware of di power of social media and na im advise di 65-year-old to allow am post im tori on Facebook and na from dia things change.

“Just hours after I post di tori on Facebook pipo begin share am and ask wia di man dey and na from dia help come im way by way of donations and all.” Dis na wetin Ibrahim Bawa tell BBC News Pidgin.

So far Mallam Saidu don raise reasonable money wey pass di ransom wey di bandits dey demand.

Chairman of di local goment, association of Faskari youths and odas don put together money for am and also former vice president Atiku Abubakar don also reach out to Mallam Saidu after e hear about im tori.

Finally Mallam Saidu wey be father of 7 say im prayer now na make im 17 year old pikin return home safely and for all di insecurity wahala wey Nigeria dey experience to come to an end.

Security situation for northwest Nigeria

Even though military operations dey still go on at di moment at di same time attacks and kidnap palava still dey happun for northwest Nigeria.

Just last week bandits attack some villages for Zamfara state wia dem burn houses, kill about 200 pipo and kidnap many.

For Katsina state also in di last couple of weeks reports of attacks and kidnap from villages still dey comot.

Nigerian military say dem dey try dia best and statistics show say truly incidents don reduce compared to last few years.