Pakistan snow: Deadly weather trap hundreds of drivers

Watch: Around 1,000 cars stranded after travelling to see heavy snow in Murree
The British Broadcasting Corporation

At least 21 pipo don die after heavy snow trap dem for dia motor for northern Pakistan.

As many as 1,000 motors dey stranded as pipo wey go for tourism rush to see di winter snowfall for di hilltop town of Murree.

One policeman, im wife and dia six children, and another family-of-five, dey among di dead, according to local emergency pipo 1122.

Di military say dem don rescue more dan 300 pipo wey dey stranded sake of di snow.

One army tok-tok pesin add say military engineers and troops don also start to clear roads wey lead to Murree.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid say na some pipo wey dey travel go di area, north of di capital Islamabad cause di gbege .

More than 100,000 don land for di colonial-era town in recent days, wit social media for Pakistan full wit pictures of pipo wey dey jolly for di snow.

But by Friday, local pipo bin report say di tourists don begin to dey stranded. On Saturday, di heavy snow increase bin make authorities to declare di region as disaster zone.

Photos and videos for social media show cars wey hook bumper to bumper, snow pile reach dia roofs.

At least 21 pipo don die, including 10 children, according to emergency service. Police say at least six don freeze to death inside dia cars. Asphyxiation wey mean say pesin no get oxygen after dem breathe in smoke be di possible reason dem give for odas.

Rescue workers dey helep pipo escape from their cars

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“Pipo dey face terrible situation,” Usman Abbasi, one tourist wey dey hooked for di town where heavy snow still dey fall, tell tori pipo AFP for phone.

“No be only di tourists, but di local population dey also face serious kasala” e add. Im say gas and water shortages dey too.

Local pipo don provide blankets and food to those wey dey trapped, while those wey no fit make am to di town wey tanda for about 2,300 metres (7,500 feet) above sea level don get shade for goment and school buildings.

Prime Minister Imran Khan express shock sake of di “terrible deaths” of di tourists, e note say how di snowfall and di “rush of how pipo dey go and dem no check weather conditions catch district admin unprepared”.

“I don order investigation and put in place strong rules to make sure say we prevent dat kind tragedies,”Oga Khan tweet

Murree dey built by di British for di 19th century as medical base for dia colonial troops.