Novac Djokovic: Australia cancel tennis No1 player visa and wan deport am

Novak Djokovic

Di 34-year-old bin say e go play with exemption permission

Australia goment dramatically cancel tennis star Novak Djokovic visa to enta dia kontri afta e arrive Melbourne airport.

Border forces keep di world number one for airport for several hours before dem announce say im no meet entry rules and dem go deport am.

Tori be say dem don cari am go goment detention hotel pending di time of im flight to leave Australia.

Dis development dey happun as pipo dey para afta Djokovic say im get vaccine exemption to play di Australian Open.

Djokovic neva tok about im vaccination status, but last year im say im dey “opposed to vaccination”.

PM Scott Morrison on Djokovic: “Rules are rules”
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Tennis Australia confam say dem grant one medical exemption for di player “following ogbonge review process wey involve two separate independent panels” but problems begin wen Djokovic land Melbourne late on Wednesday from Dubai.

Inside statement, di Australian Border Force say Djokovic “fail to provide correct evidence to meet di entry requirements to Australia, and dem don cancel im visa.

“Dem go detain and remove from Australia, pipo wey no be citizens wey no hold valid visa wen dem wan enta or wey dem don cancel dia visa,” e add.

Victoria acting sports minister tweet say di state no gree support im visa application inside all di confusion.

Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison deny say dem no dey target Djokovic and say no-one dey above di kontri rules.

For press conference on Thursday, Oga Morrison say dem advice am say medical exemption no dey in place for di player entry and say di evidence wey dem provide dem “find am to not dey enough”.

Local tori pipo dey suggest say Djokovic fit pursue legal appeal or apply for new visa so im go fit re-enta and play for di tournament.

Tori pipo Reuters report say dem later cari am from airport go one hotel wey dem dey use for immigration detention.

Dis hotel be di place wia Covid-19 begin spread and recently fire burn di place, according to local tori pipo.

Novak Djokovic

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Djokovic exemption make pipo to para

Australia Health Minister Greg Hunt earlier describe Djokovic treatment as “tough” but “fair” and say “na one rule for all under dis Australian goment”.

But di way dem treat di tennis star provoke im kontri pipo for Serbia.

Im papa, Srdjan Djokovic, say dem dey hold im son for one room wey police dey guard for di airport.

“Dis fight no be just fight for Novak, but fight for di whole world,” im tok for statement.

President Aleksander Vucic say di star na victim of “harassment” and say “di whole of Serbia” dey support am.

Australia dey see tens of thousands of Covid-19 cases for di first time afta dem endure some of di world strictest restrictions.

More dan 90% of Australia over-16 population dey fully vaccinated, but some pipo still no fit travel from one state to anoda or outside di kontri becos of current measures.

Many Australians bin don accuse di goment of allowing di rich and famous to do as dem like while dem separate ordinary pipo from dia sick and dying loved ones.

Di Australian Open go begin on 17 January for Melbourne.

Djokovic don previously win di tournament nine times.

“Rules na rules,” di PM tok, about Novak Djokovic deportation.

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