Kentucky tornadoes: More dan 50 pipo don die for di state worst ever experience

Watch drone footage of the Amazon warehouse in Illinois after its roof collapsed
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Di govrnor of di US state of Kentucky don warn say tornado fit don kill more dan 50 pipo overnight.

Andy Beshear say di figure fit rise to as many as 100 inside wetin e call di worst tornadoes for di state history.

E say di number “fit dey closer to somewhere between 70 and 100, e dey devastating”.

Tornadoes cause damage across several US states, with workers wey trap inside one Amazon warehouse for Illinois.

More dan 100 pipo bin dey inside one candle factory for Mayfield, Kentucky, wen di tornado hit, di New York Times report.

“We believe say we go lose some of those pipo,” Mr Beshear tok.

Di Amazon warehouse for Edwardsville inside southern Illinois destroy during one tornado on Friday night, authorities tok.

First responders surround one damaged Amazon Distribution Center on December 10, 2021 for Edwardsville, Illinois.

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Emergency services don call di Amazon collapse “mass casualty incident”

E never dey clear how many pipo injure wen di roof collapse, but local emergency services don call am “mass casualty incident” for Facebook.

Sarah Bierman say her partner still dey miss.

“I talk to am about 8 o’clock tonight, small time before I text am, and e bin dey return to di warehouse to drop im van. And I never hear from am since,” she tell Reuters news agency.

“I decide to come down here to see wetin dey go on. I bin no get idea say di building look dat bad. And I just … I dey very worried. I just wan know if e dey okay,” she add.

“My prayers dey with di pipo of Edwardsville tonight, and I don reach out to di mayor to provide any needed state resources,” Illinois Govnor JB Pritzker tweet.

Amazon chook eye inside di situation and damage, one spokespesin tok for statement.

Dem don announce a state of emergency for Kentucky.

Police say di tornado cause “significant damage” across di western parts of di state. One train comot from track wen strong winds blow for Hopkins County, Sheriff Matt Sanderson tell WKYT-TV.

E also describe how dem find two children wey dem bin report say dey miss during di tornado inside one bathtub wey di heavy wind push outside.

“E get two children dem report say dey miss for di Barnsley area and dem actually find dem inside bathtub not for where di house bin originally dey stand,” e tok.

For Arkansas, one pesin die and 20 pipo trap inside one nursing home afta e partially collapse, Craighead county judge Marvin Day tell Associated Press.

Dem clear di building around 90 minutes later but searches still dey go on, e tok, as e add say some residents bin dey hide for di basement as di tornado dey come.

US National Weather Service don issue tornado warnings for areas for states including Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri and Illinois.