Nnamdi Kanu trial today: Court adjourn Ipob leader case to January for second time


Di Federal High Court, Abuja don order di Department of State Security to allow di leader of di proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu maximum possible comfort.

Justice Binta Nyako give di order afta kanu lead counsel, Ifeanyi Ejiofor complain give di court say di DSS dey deny im client im fundamental right.

E say di way wey dem keep Kanu for solitary confinement, e dey cause am psychological wahala and im no dey get beta medical help.

Oga Ejiofor say e neva change cloth since di DSS detain am and e no fit practice im faith and dem no dey allow im lawyer see am.

Justice Binta say make DSS allow am change im cloth and practice im faith.

Plea to bring Kanu case forward

Federal High court for Abuja adjourn Kanu case to January 18, 2022.

Nnamdi Kanu lawyers bin ask di court to move di trial date forward from di last adjournment date from January 19 and 20, 2022.

But di trial judge, Justice Binta Nyako come explain give di lawyers dem im schedule and dat she no get time but afta plenti persuasion from Kanu lead counsel, Ifeanyi Ejiofor she come decide to move di case forward by one day.

Contrary to wetin local reports bin don tok, application for bail bin no come up during today court session. Instead wetin Kanu lawyer bin ask for na application for abridgement of case.

Wetin dis one mean be say dem bin want make di court listen to di case earlier dan di previous date wey di judge bin don move am to.

Kanu wey dey detention dey face accuse by Nigerian goment wey say im want secession and also say im dey broadcast lies about President Muhammadu Buhari.

Dem also accuse am say e be member of group wey goment don outlaw. Most of di accuse dey based on di tins wey im allegedly tok for Radio Biafra wey dey broadcast from outside Nigeria. Accuse dem wey im don deny.

Wetin happun for court

  • Security pipo dem no gada for court as e dey be before for Nnamdi Kanu trial. So lawyers and journalists get chance to enta court today to sit and hear di application wey Nnamdi Kanu lawyer bring come court.
  • Nnamdi Kanu bin no dey court today as di court read di application wey di ask di court to shift di trial date from di earlier adjourn data of 19-20 come front.
  • Di case take place for court 2 and justice Binta Nyako be di trial judge and immediately she enta court, na Nnamdi kanu case dem call first and di lead lawyer, Ifeanyi Ejiofor tell court say dem wan make di court move di trial of Nnamdi Kanu come front.
  • Di trial judge come explain all her schedule give di lawyers dem and tell dem say her schedule dey tight and dat she no fit make time to accommodate di case earlier dan January but afta plenti a beg, she come move di trial date forward by one day wey be 18th of January, 2022.
  • Kanu lawyer also argue say since dem dey court make madam justice allow dem yarn on top dia application on weda di court get di authority to hear di mata on top di seven amended charges wey goment sama on top Nnamdi Kanu head but justice Binta say she no fit hear any mata since no be di application wey dem bring before am be dat and dat she no go fit hear di mata since Kanu imself no dey court.
  • Di prosecution counsel oga Labaran say di application no longer hold water since na November Kanu lawyers bin want di court to shift di date to and November don pass.
  • Di trial judge wey bin say she no get free time to fix Kanu trial forward later come shift di case forward by one day to 18, 19, and 20th of January, 2022.

Charges wey Kanu dey face

Nigeria goment bin sama Kanu wit charges on alleged acts of terrorism and treasonable felony before di office of di Attorney-General of di federation amend di charges against Kanu wey dem file as motion on notice for di court.

Di amended charges against Kanu include:

  • Say Kanu allegedly use im radio broadcast from London wia e boast to separate southeast, southsouth and some parts of Kogi and Benue states from Nigeria to form Biafra land.
  • Say Kanu allegedly use im radio broadcast from London abuse Nigeria President Muhammdu Buhari wen im call di president “paedophile, a terrorist, an idiot and an embodiment of evil.”
  • Say Kanu allegedly import Radio transmitter wey be TRAM 50L wey e hide inside container go keep for Ihiala, Anambra state.
  • Say Kanu allegedly declare im sef as member of Indigenous People of Biafra (Ipob), group wey Nigeria goment don ban.
  • Say Kanu allegedly commit terrorism wen e use di radio broadcast from London to encourage members of di banned Ipob to attack Nigeria security operatives and dia family members.
  • Say Kanu allegedly commit terrorism wen im boast say tins go happen and say pipo go die.
  • Say Kanu allegedly use di Radio broadcast from London to commit act of terrorism wen e declare sit-at-home and threaten death on pipo wey no obey di order.