Sagir Hamidu: Former governorship aspirant die, odas dey kidnapped for Kaduna-Abuja highway

One former govnorship aspirant of Zamfara state, north west Nigeria, Sagir Hamidu don die and odas dey kidnapped for one bloody attack wey hapun along Kaduna-Abuja express way on Sunday, 20, November, 2021.

Mohammed Surajo Hamidu wey be broda of di ex-govnorship aspirant tell BBC say im broda bin dey travel with im driver and orderly from Kaduna to Abuja wen di incident hapun.

For many years now, di Kaduna-Abuja road don become death and kidnapping trap and Sunday event na anoda example. Social media users upload videos of abandoned cars wey pipo dey suspect say di armed men either kill or kidnap dia owners.

How di attack hapun

According to Mohammed, im brother, driver and orderly dey travel to Abuja from Kaduna wen gunmen open fire on dia car around Katari town.

“Immediately di driver sight dem (di gunmen) e attempt to turn back to drive to Kaduna before dem just open fire, bullets hit my brother for chest and im leg.”

“Dem kidnap di police officer wey dey serve as im orderly and luckily di driver escape.”

One eyewitness also recall how di whole tin happun.

“So di whole attack start around 2pm for Katari town and di gunmen spend over one hour dey carry out dia devilish acts. I see over 15 abandoned cars after di whole tin finish.”

“Our car dey behind and wen we hear shooting we wait for two hours before continuing our journey.”

Some reports say na up to 40 pipo Sunday’ attack affect but up till now, both Nigeria Police and Kaduna state goment neva tok anytin ontop di mata.

BBC Pidgin reach out to both police and Kaduna state goment and none of dem respond to calls.

Kaduna to Abuja road na di most dangerous for Nigeria?

For years now, many bad-bad tins like kidnappings and armed robbery don happun for Kaduna to Abuja road wey make some dey ask weda na im be di most dangerous road for Nigeria.

Di road wey link Nigeria capital to north-western Nigeria (region wey get population pass for di kontri) dey popular among many, especially during festive period like dis. Bad events make many dey fear and plenti odas don already abandon di road because of fear as dem prefer to use train.

Jamil Muazu na one of those pipo and e tell BBC say, e neva use dat road for 4 years now because of fear of kidnapping or armed robbery.

“I dey work for Abuja and my family dey Kaduna so every week I dey travel to and from Abuja twice but for 4 years now, I neva use road because of di bad tins wey dey happun, I personally know pipo wey dem kidnap for dat road.”

Timeline of incidents on Abuja-Kaduna road

12 pipo die for accident – Dis one happun on Wednesday 23rd December 2020 and according to Kaduna state goment, na trailer and bus collide wey lead to death of 12 pipo and 25 odas wunjure.

Commissioner of internal affairs Samuel Aruwan add say wetin cause di accident na speeding and driving against di direction of traffic.

E add say several oda animals also die for di accident.

NYSC corp members attack- Dis one happun on di 22nd December 2020 as 17 NYSC Corp members dey return to dia base after camp for Osun state wey dey south west Nigeria.

Armed robbers attack dem near Jere town and as dem open fire, dem kill one of di Corpers Yusuf Bomoi.

NYSC tok-tok pesin Adenike Adeyemi wey confam wetin happun also add say loss of Corper Yusuf no be only to im family but Nigeria at large.

Kaduna state goment also announce di kidnapping of five pipo and di killing of two on di same Abuja to Kaduna road on November, 16, 2020.

According to commissioner of internal affairs Samuel Aruwan, dis incident happun as pipo dey travel back to Abuja for work.