Zainab Aliyu NDLEA: Nigerian lady framed for drugs in Saudi Arabia prison don join NDLEA

Zainab Aliyu bin spend months for Saudi Arabia prison for crime she no commit before her release on 30th April, 2019.

Today she don become officer with Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

Di 25 year old complete her Assistant Superintendent of Narcotics Course 15/2021 for di NDLEA Academy Katon Rikkos Jos.

She pass out as SN Zainab Habib Kila on Friday 19 November, 2021.

She tell BBC News Pidgin say wetin happun to her na im inspire her to become drugs law enforcer.

“Wetin happun to me for 2018 change my life forever and na im inspire me to become NDLEA officer so dat i fit contribute my own quota to drugs issue for Nigeria.”

“Dem wrongly accuse me of carrying drugs so as I start work now I go ensure say correct investigation happun so as not to detain di wrong person.”

Di Yusuf Maitama University graduate become major topic across Nigeria after her arrest as she travel go for lesser Hajj, Umrah for December 2018.

Dat na di time wen authorities for Saudi say she carry hard drugs.

Zainab spend four months for Jeddah prison wia she dey face death penalty before Nigerian authorities led by Attorney general Abubakar Malami secure her release.

NDLEA later arrest some workers for Aminu Kano airport wey dem say dem plant di drug for her luggage and she bin no know until dem arrest her for Saudi Arabia.

Her father Habib Aliyu speak to BBC News Pidgin after im daughter become NDLEA officer and e thank God for how her life change.

“Na proud moment for us (her parents) as she become NDLEA officer and we dey thank all Nigerians for dia support anc prayers always, by Monday dem go post her and she go begin work.”

Her sister Hajara Habib also tok say dem dey very proud of Zainab and wetin she achieve.

Meanwhile, for di graduation ceremony on Friday, oga for NDLEA Buba Marwa warn di 2000 new officers not to allow drug traffickers tempt dem with money and make dem do dia work wella.

How her arrest happun for 2018

Zainab go Saudi for Umrah but she no fit do am because na di first day she land di kontri dem arrest am.

Dem arrest Zainab for di city of Madina for di presence of her mama and sister inside hotel wey dem bin lodge. Dem come dia room say dem see drugs inside bag wey match her passport so she get to follow dem.

Her sister Hajara Habib tell BBC Pidgin at di time say dem dey tok to Zainab everyday as say she dey call wit di prison general phone.

“Sometimes she go dey off and you fit feel her sadness, loneliness and frustration.

“Sometimes too she go dey lively especially wen we give her di update ontop her case.” Na so Hajara tok.

Authorities for Nigeria later arrest seven pipo wey dem believe say put di drug for Zainab luggage.

Di National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) chook eye, come arrest seven staff of Aminu Kano Airport wen di tori reach dia ear.

Saudi Arabia no dey take ear hear mata wey relate to drug trafficking.

Most drug trafficking crime carry di capital punishment of death penalty.

Who be Zainab Aliyu?

Dem born Zainab Aliyu inside Kano city for 1996.

For her primary and secondary school she attend Essence College.

After she finish secondary school for 2014 she gain admission to study English for Yusuf Maitama University for Kano.

Zainab graduate for 2019 few months after her Saudi kasala.