Olu Jacobs get dementia with lewy body – Joke Silva reveal her husband health challenge and oda tins about her life for recent interview

Veteran Nollywood actress, Joke Silva, don open up on di health condition of her husband, ogbonge actor, Olu Jacobs.

For inside interview wit tori pesin, Chude Jideonwo, di popular actress say her husband dey battle wit “Dementia wit Lewy body.”

Dis na di first time she go speak about her husband health for public.

Silva say her husband don dey battle with di sickness wey dey affect di brain for years now.

“E dey deal wit issues and e don dey on for a couple of years. Na dementia wit lewy body, na degenerative disease wey dey affect di brain and e dey almost like Parkinson type of disease, e dey affect di brain and affect di pesin” She tok.

On several occasions, rumours bin spread say di veteran actor, Olu Jacobs don die. Dis na as e don dey absent for public for a while and e no dey feature inside feems. But recently, e show for di celebration of im wife 60th birthday.

Di video of di birthday celebration wit im wife make pipo wonder if e dey okay health-wise as e don lean and look fragile.

On how she dey cope wit di health challenge of her husband, since everybody know say dem close well-well, Madam Joke tok say e dey hard on her husband because e no understand wetin dey go on and e dey hard on di family members too.

“Dis na di first time I go tok dis mata for public. Dis na wetin we don dey deal wit. But e dey hard on am because e no understand wetin dey go on, e dey hard on us family members too. We don go through am over di past couple of years but we thank God.”

Silva add say she miss di old Olu Jacobs well-well. “I don go through some times and situations recently wey I wish say di old you dey here so I no go battle these times on my own but we dey grateful for di moment of clarity ….I miss di times we work together!” She tok.

Di two popular Nigerian actors wey also be couple don set couple goals for celebrity marriages over di years. Pipo dey always refer to dia marriage as correct yardstick say celebrity marriage fit work.

For di interview, she also tok about how she discover at di age of 10 say she dey adopted wen she be nine months old.

Her adoption

Di ogbonge actress wey turn 60 years old dis year and wey also celebrate 40 years for di entertainment industry also tok about her adoption and how she find out.

Her foster parents no tell her, she discover on her own wen she bin dey go through her mama document for her passport.

She say her adoption na something her mama no dey comfortable to dey tok about. But her mama tell her say wen she see her for dat orphanage home, she just know say she be di one she want.

“My mama elder sister want make I travel wit her go Kenya and my mama no dey around. She ask if I know where my passport dey and I tell her say I sabi where my mama dey keep all her important documents.

“I go di box she dey keep important documents, na so I see my passport and my adoption certificate. I be around 10-11 years old dat time. Di tin shake me small.” Di actress tok.


In her 60 years of age, she don go through real life changing experiences, she lose her daughter for 1996 and her sister to cancer three years ago (2019).

She say her sister death hit her well-well. Dem travel together for her first lumpectomy but she no fit stay wit her as anoda of her close relative dey sick, wey she need stay wit.

But she and her sister spend di last weeks togeda wey be great comfort. Dem share many tins togeda and wetin she miss most na di deep discussion dem dey always share togeda.

Her joy na say her sister live a life of impact as pipo show outpouring emotions and tok about her works wen she die.

Wetin be Dementia and Lewy Bodies?

According to UK National Health Service, NHS, Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB), dey also known as Lewy body dementia, na one of di most common types of dementia. Dementia na di name for problems with mental abilities wey dey hapun sake of gradual changes and damage for di brain. E dey rare in pipo under 65. E dey develop slowly and dey worsen over several years.