Cute Abiola not missing: Navy keep Comedian Abdulgafar Ahmed in custody – Lawyer

Cute Abiola dey missing? Dat na wetin many fans of di Nigerian comedy skit maker dey ask.

Di comedian Cute Abiola wey real name na Abdulgafar Ahmed bin reportedly go missing on Monday 15 November, 2021.

Lawyer to di Nigerian comedian however tell BBC Pidgin on Wednesday morning say im customer dey allegedly detained by Nigerian Navy.

Fatai Adebanjo say di Nigerian Navy no tok why di skit maker dey for detention.

Adebanjo say cute Abiola wey also be Navy Personnel bin resume for im office for NNS Ojo, one maintenance unit of di Nigerian Navy for Lagos state on Monday morning.

But on Tuesday morning, when e dey expected for house, e no show.

Dis make im wife dey worried begin call friends and associates.

Na dia tori bin go viral say e dey miss.

Di lawyer say na when e land di Navy office to sabi im whereabout, e discover say e dey cell and nobody dey give information on im offence.

One popular comedian Debo Adedayo aka Mr Macaroni bin raise alarm on top social media say cute Abiola dey miss.

However, informate wey BBC Pidgin gada, im arrest fit relate wit one recent picture e share for im 4.2m followers on top Instagram wey show as e hold AK 47 inside one feem.

Dis according to Navy dey against dia rules, for personnel to carry gun wen e no dey do operations.

Dis no be the first time cute Abiola go dey arrested because e go against di Navy rules of engagement.

According to reports, e dey detained last year sake of say e pose wit im official uniform during im birthday wey e post on social media.

Cute Abiola missing?: Nigerian Navy reaction

Di Nigerian Navy say cute Abiola no dey miss, contrary to tori wey dey spread.

Statement wey Navy release dis morning on top di mata say dey di comedian dey wit dem.

Di skit maker wey real name na ‘Abdulgafar Ahmed breach di Armed Forces Social Media policy and e refuse to obey particular orders.’

Na wetin Commodore Suleman Dahun sign for di statement on behalf of Chief of Naval Staff.

Who be Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin

Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin, aka Cute Abiola na Nigerian comedian, wey also be Naval officer, entertainer and video producer.

E dey popular for im comedy skits on social media.

Dem born am for Ilorin, Kwara State, north-central, Nigeria.

E start im career as comedian when e dey secondary school.