HPV vaccine: How e dey protect against cervical cancer and who fit receive am

HPV vaccine

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New research don discover say HPV vaccine fit reduce cases of cervical cancer by nearly 90%.

Cervical cancer na di fourth most common cancer wey dey affect women around di world.

E dey kill more than 300,000 each year.

Wetin be HPV?

HPV ( na short for Human Papillomavirus).

Na di name for a very common group of viruses.

There are more than 100 different types of HPV and infections no usually dey cause any symptoms – although e get some types wey dey cause warts.

E fit appear on your hand, foot, genitals or inside your mouth.

Most pipo no dey know if dem dey infected and their bodies go fight di virus without treatment.

High-risk types of HPV, on di other hand, fit cause abnormal tissue growth wey fit lead to cancers.

How di HPV vaccine dey protect against cancer

Di HPV vaccine – also dey known as Gardasil – e dey protect against nine types of HPV.

Dem include two wey dey cause nearly all cases of cervical cancer, those wey dey cause most anal cancers, plus some genital and head and neck cancers.

Studies don show say di vaccine dey protect against HPV infection for at least 10 years.

Although sabi pipo dey expect di protection to last much longer.

Di first major study tok say e dey very effective, as e dey cut cases of cervical cancer by nearly 90%.

Di research dey published for Lancet, e study wetin happun afta di vaccine dey introduced to girls for England for 2008.

Who fit collect di HPV vaccine?

Di HPV vaccine dey work best if girls and boys collect am before dem come in contact wit HPV.

Dis na because di vaccine fit only prevent infection, e no fit clear di body from di virus once pesin don catch am.

Di viruses dey spread and fast. For di vaccine to work, children suppose don dey immunised against am before dem become sexually active.

Who fit get HPV plus e dey sexually transmitted?

HPV dey easy to get as e dey very contagious, and e dey spread by close skin-to-skin contact.

Up to 80% of pipo dey exposed to HPV by di age of 25.

In most cases pipo dey-dey infected for 18 months to two years.

Technically, e no be sexually transmitted disease, as e no dey spread by sexual fluids, like gonorrhoea.

However most times pipo dey catch am during sexual contact, including touching.

How far be di rollout of di HPV vaccine around di world?

Which kontri don introduce di HPV vaccine

Almost 90% of cervical cancer deaths dey for low- and middle-income kontris according to di World Health Organization (WHO).

For dis countries, dem no dey quick no say na cervical cancer until e don reach advanced stage and symptoms don develop.

Last year, di WHO bin announce plans to eliminate di disease “within di next century” by achieving 90% coverage for HPV vaccination by 2030.

Over one hundred kontris now don dey introduced HPV vaccination.

However, as of 2020, less than 25% of low-income and under 30% of lower middle-income countries n aim don introduce di vaccine, compared wit high-income kontris wey don get up to 85% vaccination.

Wetin be Cervical cancer and how e be for Africa

HPV vaccine

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Cervical cancer dey develop for woman cervix.

Cervix na di entrance to di uterus from di vagina.

Certain strains of di human papillomavirus (HPV) na im dey cause am.

Na big health challenge for women for Africa.

Cervical cancer na di second most common cancer among women for Africa.

E also be di deadliest according to WHO.

Cervical cancer dey progress slowly from di precancer stage to invasive cancer.

HPV vaccine

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E dey curable if dem diagnose am and treat am early.

Di worse thing na say dis type of cancer na one of di most preventable but poor access to prevention, screening and treatment contribute to 90% of deaths.

Rwanda be one of di first kontris for Africa to introduce accination campaign.

E launch one plan for 2011 wey go make dia girls et di vaccine early and to introduce cervical screening for women.

For di first year, e reach nine out of di 10 girls wey dey eligible for di vaccine, result wey experts cite as model for other kontris.

However, HPV vaccine rates remain low even for some developed kontris.

Dis na sake of misinformation say e fit cause infertility.

Currently, less than 0.1% of eligible Japanese women don get di vaccine.

How to get di vaccine for UK?

Dem go give two injections for di upper arm spaced at least six months apart.

  • For England and Wales, girls and boys aged 12 to 13 years go get thier first HPV vaccination in Year 8. Dem go collect di second dose six to 24 months later.
  • For Scotland, pupils receive di vaccination aged 11 to 13 years in S1
  • For Northern Ireland pupils receive di vaccination aged 11 to 12 years old in Year 8.

According to di NHS, children wey miss di HGV vaccine in Year 8 go fit collect am di next academic year.

All young pipo fit collect di vaccine for free for NHS until their 25th birthday.

Women suppose still go for cervical screening?


Although di vaccine show say e dey reduce di chances of developing cervical cancer, e no dey protect against all types of HPV.

So e dey important say women get regular cervical smears once dem reach di age of 25.