Imo state news: Wetin hapun for Izombe town wey lead to death and burning of houses?

Collage of burnt house, car and injured old man


“I dey for chair like dis, dem tok say army pipo don come oh, dem don come oh with dia motor, na house I go stay, dem come, break my window, dem carry dat tin like gun shoot inside, damage everything, na dia I for die I fall put hand for fire, fire begin burn me I dey cry for pipo to come secure me.”

Na so one old man, Pa Cosmas Uzoji one of di victims of di gbege wey hapun for Aborsi community for Izombe town Oguta local goment area for Imo State over di weekend narrate give BBC Pidgin.

Pa Uzoji say e bin dey im house wen e hear noise say sojas dey come, even as e try to stay inside im house and away from di palava, dat one no stop di palava from reaching im side.

Pa Uzoji with burns

Pa Uzoji suffer serious burns wen sojas allegedly set im house on fire

Before now, videos don begin circulate online since Friday, di 8th of October, 2021.

Inside some of di videos we take eye see, somebody dey shout “Izombe on fire, Izombe on fire, see wetin dey hapun” as some pipo carry bags and load for head dey waka dey go.

Anoda video show house on fire and anoda one wey burn.

Izombe signboard


So wetin really hapun dia?

BBC Pidgin visit Aborsi community for Izombe town to find out.

Di villages wey suffer destruction na Umuokwu, Nvioko, Umuorji for Aborsi autonomous community, Izombe Town Oguta local government area.

Different eyewitnesses tok wetin dem see say hapun.

“Na Friday last week, na sojas wey dem send go Adax oil company for security purpose leave dia duty come our village and shoot one of our brodas, in di process make I say di truth, youths burn dia vehicles. and sojas come with seven armoured cars and some hilux, and dis na wetin we experience dat day.

“Nobody don come back, pipo run comot, dem never come back, we get information say govnor dey come dis morning, make we hear from am first before we come back becos we lost our properties.” One eyewitness tell us.

Burnt house for Izombe on Tuesday wen we visit

Burnt house for Izombe on Tuesday wen we visit

According to anoda eyewitness, di mata start becos of oil bunkering racket wey go wrong.

“Sojas burn dis place oh afta di boy dem shoot. Na those boys wey dey stay for road becos dem no get beta work dem dey do. Dem go dey wait so if you carry bunkering fuel or diesel dey come, dem go collect money any amount. Later sojas come recruit di boys put dem for road so dat wen dem get di money, dem go share di money with dem.

“Di boys come get small problem with di money dem dey share, kasala come burst, from dia one of dem call one of di sojas wey im dey work under, dat one just carry gun begin dey shoot. But di bullet enta only one of dem and di boy die. Di village boys come vex, pursue dem, catch dem, carry three of dia guns, kill two of dem, so na im sojas come revenge, dem carry up to 40 hilux, four armoured car come for di village, dem no shoot anybody but begin burn house and properties.”

Burnt house for Izombe on Tuesday wen we visit

Burnt house for Izombe on Tuesday wen we visit

According to di youth leader of di community, na unbelievable tin hapun.

“Dis group of boys dem wey unite demsefs in Izombe to collect money from oil bunkerers, wen dem collect di money, dem go share am, but we come dey surprised say some pipo come say dem no dey get dia community share so make everybody go dia place na wetin cause di gbege be dat.”

“Few pipo go call sojas without consulting me, dem go call sojas from Adax oil, dem come, see boys wey siddon with oda youths, dem line dem down, one of di boys get up to runaway, dem shoot am, den di youths say dem no go accept am.”

Di youth leader add say na during dat palava di boys march di sojas out, collect dia guns but dem don recover di guns now and send dem back to goment.

House dem destroy for Izombe on Tuesday wen we visit

House dem destroy for Izombe on Tuesday wen we visit

Wetin goment tok?

Army never chook mouth inside wetin hapun but Imo state goment tok ontop di mata on Monday.

Goment say dem go set up panel of inquiry to chook eye inside wetin hapun and why e hapun.

Govnor Hope Uzodinma wey say di ogbonge destruction of property for di town pain am well-well vow say those wey get hand for di kasala, hand go touch dem and dem go hear am.

Burnt car for Izombe on Tuesday wen we visit

Burnt car for Izombe on Tuesday wen we visit

Di govnor address tori pipo in di company of military and police authorities on Monday, wia e chook mouth for di mata.

“Di recent happenings don bring come front, di earlier States directive say anybody, no matter how highly placed, wey dey in possession of any weapon to return am to di Security Agencies.”

“Goment go-go out to fully implement dat directive and ensure say all bandits no mata where dem dey, go dey discovered and brought to book.”

Govnor Uzodimma say e no longer dey pardonable for di pipo or group of pesins to take laws into dia hands, as e regret say banditry, violence, kidnapping and oda forms of crime and criminality don dey on

di increase since di jail break for Owerri wey make criminals run enta streets.

“Di evidence of dia activities show inside wetin happun for Izombe Community where one of those wey confront di military na escapee from Owerri Prisons. Fortunately or odawise, di sojas kill di hoodlum for di confrontation.” Di govnor tok.

Di govnor also send condolences to di families of di sojas and statesmen wey die for di palava and say im goment go do all in dia power to support secuirity agencies to ensure say peace return fully to Imo state.

Governor Uzodimma promise to visit Izombe Community to get first hand information of wetin happun so dem go set up Commission of Inquiry to look into di causes and effects of wetin hapun.