Police for Zamfara see names of top politicians for cultist house

Juju Items wey contain name


Zamfara State, northwest Nigeria Police Command say dem see names of some top politicians for di state wia dem write dem on top paper for one cultist house wey dem raid.

For statement wey police commissioner Usman Nagogo release, e also tok say dem find calabash full with blood and bag wey contain some clothes with designs of human skeletons.

Police say dem act on information wey dem get about di house and by di time dem get dia di cultists don run but dem still dey find dem.

Di house dey near new motor park for capital of di state Gusau and na very busy area wey make some pipo dey wonder how dem operate for dia secretly.

Inside police statement, CP Usman also add say di pipo wey dey stay di area say whenever di cultists enter di house to do dia juju dem observe say living things like ants and lizards wey dey di area dey die.

According to police, e no too tay wey Zamfara enter news after some pipo try burn cemetery as part of dia juju.