Squid Game: Netflix movie become popular – Dis na why

Squid Game

Dalgona, wey be honeycomb cand for di shape na sometin wey plenti Koreans bin play as pikin

Squid Game film na something wey don dey trend for inside social media for sometime now.

Even if you neva watch di show, you fit don hear about am, or see all di challenges and memes wey di series don cause.

Dis na as film streaming platform, Netflix don announce say e dey di running to beat Bridgerton as di most watched show for di platform.

But di director say im no even dey tink about season two, as to think am alone dey tire am.

While dat kain film genre (of deadly survival game), no dey new, di way e dey relatable with wetin many pipo for all ova di world dey go through na wetin make am blow.

Why Pipo dey tok about am?

Squid Game

Many of di characters fall to poverty and debt, something wey no dey too far from wetin pipo dey go through

For Squid Game, dem gada 456 pipo wey dey owe gbese and no get anywia to find money (some even sign dia bodi give debtors), wey dem come carry enta dis survival game.

Dem go play six games wey pikin dey play for one week, and if dem win all of dem, dem go win 45.6 billion Korean won ($39 million).

Wahala come be if pesin lose, because if you lose, dem go kill you.

Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk tok for interview say, “Pipo dey attracted with di place say adults wey no get hope again go risk dia lives for games wey pikin dem dey play.”

Squid Game

Squid Game get beta images wey dey shock and awe viewers

For pipo wey dey East Asia di games dey make dem remember dia childhood like Dalgona, wey be di honeycomb candy wey dem play for episode three na wetin Koreans sabi wella and di Red Light Green Light games from episode one dey popular even for Japan.

Sabi pipo say di show bin dey popular cos e show how unfair life be for plenti pipo (one of di players na unemployed pesin wey be gambler, while anoda one na immigrant wey work sotay im lose two fingers, but dem no gree pay am). But wahala don also follow di hit series.

Di Gbas-gbos wey Squid Games don cause

With all di popularity, dis Korean series don get with im release, some gbas-gbos don comot because of di feem.

  • One South Korean man bin hala say Netflix bin post im number for di feem as di number pesin go call if dem wan join di deadly game. Tori be say di man start to dey receive thousands of calls sotay im take sleeping tables to sleep. Tori don come say Netflix don promise to blur di number.
  • Korean speaker, Youngmi Mayer don call out Netflix say dia translation of Korean to English no be am at all sotay, e change di meaning of di series. Dis one happun for social media wia many Korean speakers say e miss on some of di beta dialogue wey di writers of di feem bin make. Wahala for who no sabi speak Korean ooo.
  • Some pipo don accuse di series say dem copy di 2014 Japanese film As The Gods Will wey be feem about high school students but di director Hwang say im bin start di planning of Squid Games for 2008 and start to write am or 2009 so im no copy dem and na di type of feem wey dem make cause am to dey alike.