Coronavirus: Wetin we still no sabi about Covid-19

E be like e don tey well-well, but di world only come to know of coronavirus for December.

Despite all di ogbonge work of scientists around di world, plentri tins still dey wey pesin no understand, and now everybody, di world na part of di experiment to try to find answers.

See some of di big ogbonge questions dem.

1. How many pipo e don infect?

Na one of di most basic questions, but also one of di most important.

Na hundreds of thousands of confam cases around di world, but dis na only one part of di total number of infections. And di figures no too clear as a number of cases dey wey di infected pipo no dey show symptoms- pipo wey get di virus but no dey feel sick.

If researchers develop antibody test, dem go fti see weda anybody don get di virus. Na only den we go fit understand how far or how easy di coronavirus dey spread.


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2. How deadly e be really.

Until we know how many cases dey, e dey impossible to dey certain of di death rate. At di moment, di estimate na say around 1% of pipo wey catch di virus dey die. But if di number of patients wey no dey show symptoms plenti, di death rate fit dey lower.

3 All di symptoms.

Di main symptoms of coronavirus na fever and dry cough – these na di ones wey make you dey shine your eye for.

Dem don also report sore throat, headache and diarrhoea for some cases and tok dey say some pipo fit loss dia sense of smell.

But di most important question na weda patients get small-small symptoms of cold, cold-, like runny nose or sneezing.

Studies don suggest say dis wan dey possible and say pipo fit dey able to infect odas without knowing say dem carry di virus.

4. Di role children ply for di mata.

Children fit definitely catch coronavirus. However, na mostly smal-small symptoms dem dey get and na only small number of children don die compared to oda age groups.

But Children dey normally spread di disease fast-fast, partly because dem dey mix with plenti pipo (most times for playground), but with dis virus, e no dey clear to what extent dem dey help to spread am.

Children playing on a climbing frame

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5. Where exactly e come from.

Di virus come from Wuhan, China, at di end of 2019, wia dem record some cases for one animal market.

Di coronavirus, wey dem officially call Sars-CoV-2, dey closely related to virus dem wey dey infect bats, however sabi pipo reason say na bats spread give some animal specieswey we no sabi, na dem come spread am give pipo.

We never sabi dat “missing link”, and dis wan fit help spread di infection more.

Coronavirus tips: Hot weather fit kpai Covid-19?
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6.Weda di cases go reduce for summer.

Colds and flu dey more common for winter months dan for di summer, but e no dey clear weda di warmer weather go change di spread of di virus.

If di cases reduce well-well for di summer, danger dey say di cases go go up for winter.

7. Why some pipo dey get serious symptom.

Covid-19 na small infection for many. However around 20% go develop more serious disease, but why?

Di state of pesin immune system na part of di issue, and some genetic factor too join. To understand dis wan fit lead to ways of preventing people from needing intensive care.

8. How long immunity dey last, and you fit get am twice?

Tori bin dey but little evidence on how immunity to di durable virus dey last dey..

Patients go don built up immune response, if e be say dem fight di virus successfully. But as di disease don dey around for only a few months long-term data no dey. Rumours say patients dey infected twice may be say di test wey show say dem free of di virus bin no correct.

9. Weda di virus go change.

Viruses dey mutate, change all di time, but most of di change to dia genetic code no dey make any significant difference.

As a general rule, you expect say virus to change to become less deadly in di long run, but dis wan no dey guaranteed.

Di concern na say if di virus change, den di immune system no go recognise am again and one specific vaccine no go work again