World most expensive animals in di world plus wia you fit find dem

Expensive animals for world

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Bifo we begin reason dis question, you suppose know say ranking living creatures by dia cost fit feel silly to some pipo, and even somehow.

We fit give animals economic value at all? E dey okay to put price on living, breathing creature? Dat one u go know later, but e get some pipo wey no like di idea say make dem assign economic price to nature and wild creatures.

Yet di reality be say, animals don always be part of human economies, and di way pipo value some more than odas fit reveal di ogbonge truth about di world wey we dey live in. Particularly so if you reason di price pipo dey always wan pay for them.

So, which be di world most expensive animals? How you fit even define di term? Di answers dey more complex dan how e first appear.

Most expensive animals

New Kim

By weight, di most expensive animal for dis category go be bird. Di most expensive pigeon na New Kim, wey dem sell to one anonymous bidder for China by di name “Super Duper”, for €1.6m ($1.8m/£1.4m) for late 2020.

Double Diamond

One of di most common farm creatures for di world na sheep. By some estimate, na like one billion sheep dey for di world, and most of them no worth very much.

But somewhere in di UK, e get one unique lamb, im name be Double Diamond, e worth extraordinary amount of moni.

No be say e get golden fleece o, but na im genetics dey hold im value. Im be particular impressive example of Texel lamb, one breed wey originate from one small island off di coast of di Netherlands.

For late 2020, consortium of farmers buy am for 350,000 guineas – di traditional currency of livestock auctions. When you convert am, dat na £367,500 ($490,500/€411,300).

Grumpy Cat

worth tens of millions

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Grumpy Cat

Among di priciest domestic breeds na di Savannah cat, e dey cost almost $20,000 for one kitten (£14,400/€16,900).

According to Guinness, di wealthiest ever cat na Blackie, wey inherit £7m fortune ($9.7m/€8.2m) in 1988 after im owner, one antiques dealer, die and decide to snub im family.

But if you reason wealth in terms of earnings, di internet star Grumpy Cat wey im real name be Tardar Sauce fit be di frontrunner for di most expensive pet category.

By some estimate, she bin worth around $100m (£71m/€84.5m) bifo she die. Or musician Taylor Swift cat Olivia Benson, wey don gbab similar valuation.

Fusaichi Pegasus

E bin win di kentucky Derby race

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Fusaichi Pegasus

Fusaichi Pegasus, for example, dem buy am as one young uncastrated male horse for $64m (£46m/€54m) in 2000.

E bin do well: e win six out of nine race, e earn millions for im owners, but e no live up to im potential in terms of di quality of im offspring.

Again dis show say horse-racing na gamble in more than one way. As of late 2020, e don dey relieve of im duty and e dey collect “pension.”

Big splash

Dog wey dem sell for record breaking moni

Big splash

Di record for di highest moni ever paid for one dog dey far steeper: 10 million Chinese yuan, for one Tibetan mastiff wey im name be Big Splash.

Dat na £1.1m, for today exchange rates ($1.55m/€1.3m).

Di mastiff breed don become something of status symbol in China for recent years.


Dis one dey one get ecological value

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Di total value of di biosphere ecosystem service fit dey up to $145 trillion a year (£104tn/€122tn).

In 2015, BBC Earth bin compile one whole series of dis valuations for one interactive game (di site no longer dey available online, but di list dey archived here). So for example, di total value of sharks for tourism dey around $944m (£682m/€799m).


Di animal dey make one million-dollar contribution to carbon capture

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African forest elephant

Recently, Ralph Chami of di International Monetary Fund and im colleagues try calculate di value for individual African forest elephants and great whales off di coast of South America.

Dem calculate value of $1.8m (£1.27m/€1.5m) per elephant.


e get better ecosystem service value

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Blue whale

According to Chami and im colleagues whales get high price similar to elephant.

Di numbers vary from $165,000 (£120,000/€140,000) for one Minke whale up to $4m (£2.9m/€3.4m) for a blue whale, but most of the whales came out wit value of about $2m (£1.45/€1.7m).

Giant Panda

one of di world most valuable animal

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Giant panda

E get one animal wey we never mention wey fit get strong case to top di list of most financially valuable animals

Na di giant Panda, e certainly be di most expensive zoo species, according to Guinness, but im true value fit still dey higher.

Why so? Na China own di entire population, and many zoos particularly in di US must pay leasing fee of up to $1m per year (£723,000/$845,000) to host dem.

We hear say if dem born cub, one-off payment of up to $600,000 (£434,000/€507,000) must be paid too.