Covid-19: Nigeria lawmakers wan investigate alleged fake test results Ghana authorities take dey ‘defraud’ travellers

Di Nigerian Senate don decide to torchlight di accuse against Ghanaian authorities say dem dey issue fake Covid- 19 test results give unsuspecting Nigerians wey dey Ghana.

Di lawmakers during di plenary session wey hold on Tuesday say dis decision dey come sake of di plenty complaints and allegations wey Nigerians wey dey for Ghana Isolated facilities don make since dem travel go di kontri.

For di motion wey dem title “Urgent need to conduct investigation on allegation of fake Covid- 19 test results wey dem dey use 419 Nigerians.”, di Senator wey dey represent Kwara Central, Yahaya Oloriegbe wey sponsor am explain why Nigeria need take di allegation serious.

Wetin be di allegations

Di senator wey raise di mata say na one Nigerian artiste first expose wetin Ghana dey do.

E say di artiste bin test negative for Covid- 19 before e land Ghana but wen e reach di kontri, Ghana authorities say e get Covid, e reject di result and insist say na fake, sake of that, Ghana authorities deport am, he later travel go US where im do di test again and di result come out as negative.

According to di lawmaker, e say Nigerians wey dey visit Ghana must stay for isolation two weeks and dem dey pay seventy thousand naira per day.

Di lawmaker dey worry say Nigerians wey dey travel go Ghana or through Ghana dey lament say dem dey pay almost one million naira for isolation.

“Serious accuse dey say Ghanaian authorities dey diagnose Nigerians wey travel go dia kontri positive for Covid- 19 even afta dem test negative for Nigeria,”

“Observations dey ground say Ghanaians authorities, usually dey keep Nigerians wey visit dia kontri for isolation for two weeks and make dem pay seventy thousand naira per day.” Oloriegbe tok.

Oloriege worry say if dem no act on di allegations, di exploitation go continue.

Sake of di allegations, di upper chamber for dia resolution don order di Ministry of Foreign Affairs, di Committee on Health, Primary Health and Communicable Diseases to quick-quick chook eye for di mata.

However, Ghana authorities never respond to di allegations.