APC, PDP, Rescue Nigeria Project: Any third force fit remove APC,PDP from power?



Tori from Nigeria show sey some prominent politicians dey campaign for di formation of a political party – a third force – as dem call am.

Among dem na former Chairman of di Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC] Prof. Attahiru Jega.

Political and economic scientist Prof. Pat Utomi, and oda popular pipo also follow for di plan.

According to tori, dem go campaign for di launch of di National Patriotic Movement on October 1 – di launching go coincide wit di 61st anniversary of Nigeria independence.

Di group dey expected to include political and activist groups including di Rescue Nigeria Project, di Nigeria Intervention Movement and odas.

Local newspapers report sey plan dey on ground by a group of politicians to turn di group into a political party.

Dia plan na to challenge di main political parties for Nigeria, All Progressives Congress (APC) and di main opposition, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Third Force fit comot APC and PDP for power?

Di Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) led by Attahiru Jega, di African Democratic Congress led by Chief Ralph Nwosu from di South, and di Labor Party dey plan to join body start di movement.

Political analyst for di kontri don begin torch ligh wetin dey happen.

According to Kabir Sufi, a political commentator for Nigeria, ”di campaign to form a new party against Nigeria major parties na something wey some pipo wey no dey okay wit di ideology of di PDP and APC dey do.

Need really dey to find party wey go replace dem.”

However, analysts say e go tey well well before di coalition coalition fit compete wit di kontri main political parties.

E say one of di biggest challenges for di coalition go be “di unity of di multi-party leadership, so dat some of dem fit think, ‘What is their future if they unite?’

E go cause dem to drag dia feet before dem fit finish dia journey.”

Di scholar cite di example of di formation of di ruling APC wen di kata-kata wey end di rule of di PDP start.

E add sey dem need to develop how to promote di party so dat e go dey acceptable to di public, as well as a plan to deal wit threats from di major parties.

In di past, di PDP don threaten sey no party fit comot dem from power, especially at di federal government level.

“However, dis threat no stop di formation of di APC and even di formation of a goment,” Kabiru Sufi tok.

Therefore, make nobody underestimate di political party because dem fit reach di level of a major party wey fit oppose di two main parties”, e add.

Wetin di new party fit do?

Nigeria two main political parties, di APC and di PDP, don dey in power for some time since di kontri return to democracy for 1999.

Recently, however, both parties don begin get leadership challenges and di defection of some party leaders to either side.

One of di matter wey pipo dey tok about pass for di kontri di speculation sey former Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan and a PDP leader go join di ruling APC and run for president. But e never clear if e go happen.

PDP leader and main critic of di APC government, Femi Fani-Kayode, also recently defect enter di ruling party – much to di surprise of many Nigerians.

Earlier, Zamfara State Govnor Bello Matawalle defect to di All Progressives Congress (APC) from di Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) – for an unusual move, im deputy Mahdi Ali Gusau still dey PDP.

Govnors of Ebonyi Dave Umahi and Cross River Ben Ayade don also defect.

But di APC dey divided over di interim committee wey Yobe State Govnor Mai Mala Buni dey head.

Similar problem continue to affect di two main parties, and at di same time many Nigerians feel sey no difference between di two major parties.

Before di 2019 general election Nigerians bin think sey some political party including AAC, YPP, ANN and ACP go form “Third Force” but e no happen – di candidates decide to run individual race.

Ahead of di 2023 elections, di formation of a party for Nigeria fit give citizens wey say dem don tire for APC and PDP and now get choice to express dia desire to vote who dem like.