Odunlade Adekola: Yoruba actor react to accuse say im dey ask female actress sex for roles in movies

Ogbonge Nigerian actor Odunlade Adekola don challenge any female actress wey im don ever ask for sex before e give am role for movie to come out wit receipts.

Odunlade wey dey very popular wit Yoruba movies bin dey react to one blog report – Gistlovers, wey accuse di actor of sleeping wit girls before e give dem roles for films.

Dem mention names of some girls wey don allegedly fall as victim and one small girl wey im dey allegedly do di same thing to at di moment.

However, Odunlade inside video for im verified Instagram handle don come out to debunk di accuse. E dare any actress wey don pass through im film school or wey still dey work wit am to come out wit evidence.


“I put am to all of dem, all di ladies wey don pass through me and di one wey dey wit me now, from Taiwo Aromokun to Eniola Ajao, Tosin, Nike Hamzat, Bukky Adeeyo, whether di pesin fat or thin, if I don ever ask you for sex before I give you any role, come out and say it, if you cover me, God no go cover you.” Odunlade tok.

Di actor tell di blog and everybody wey dey plan to bring am down to come out wit prove say im dey request sex for roles if not, God anger go visit dem.

Oga Odunlade wey claim say im don dey work for di movie industry for di past 25 years say di reason why im come out to clear di mata na because of di young pipo especially young girls get interest for di industry and wey dey see am as role model. E also say im be disciplinarian wey no dey tolerate nonsense.

Dis no be di first time di actor go dey alleged to get relationship wit some of di female actress wey dey work wit am but everything na still rumour wit no official confirmation.

Odunlade Adekola Profile

Many pipo for Nigeria sabi di popular actor sake of im memes and comedy wey im dey act sometimes.

Odunlade Adekola na Nigerian actor, singer, film-maker, producer, director and influencer.

Dem born am for December 31, 1976 and e come from Ekiti state, South West Nigeria, although e grow up for Abeokuta, Ogun state.

E don act for plenty films and e even get im own film production company.

Di actor attend im Primary and Secondary School for Abeokuta, then Moshood Abiola Polytechnic and di University of Lagos for im tertiary education.

Odunlade begin im acting career for 1996, di same year e join di association of Nigeria Theatre Arts practitioners.