Nana Akufo-Addo: Wetin we know about Ghana President Ghc237,000 salary refund

Prez Akufo-Addo decision to refund salary increment he receive from January dis year dey stir up mixed reactions for Ghana.

Dis be after de Presidency reveal say dem refund monies to de tune of Ghc237,000 to de back to de state.

According to Director of Communications, Eugene Arhin, de monies dey go into de Pensions and Salaries account of de Controller and Accountant General’s Department.

But leading convener for pressure group, FixTheCountry, Oliver Barker-Vormawor say dis be mere PR stunt.

He explain say “when you look at de context of refund…de reason people dey see am as PR stunt be sake of dis be similar to de immoral salary increases wey cause de Guinea coup.”

“Nothing positive dey to celebrate by de fact say politicians go pay themselves illegal den immoral salaries; den when dem catch dem pants down, dey return am” he tell BBC Pidgin.

Govt justify reason for salary refund

Director of Communications, Eugene Arhin in announcing de salary refund explain say Prez Akufo-Addo make dis decision around May dis year.

He explain say de Prez announce freeze on salary on salary increment on himself den other members of de Executive sake of COVID-19 den de challenges de country dey face.

Again, Office of the Prez reveal say he pay de monies on September 2, 2021.

According to Eugene Arhin, “after de Prez receive en salary wey accrue from January to August dis year, he notice say dem no enforce en directive.”

“So leading by example…he wrote check of Ghc237,000 to de Pensions Salaries account of de Controller and Accountant General’s Department” he add.

In addition to de refund, Prez Akufo-Addo direct Vice Prez, Ministers, Deputies den members of de Executive to refund all salary increments dem no be entitled to between January to August dis year.



Why now? FixTheCountry campaigners question motive of refund

According to Mr Barker-Vormawor, despite complains den protests politicians no retreat on bad moves like paying illegal salaries.

Rather dem go talk protestors say “go to Court; knowing very well say de Court go cover dema wrongdoing.

“So why now?” FixTheCountry campaigner, Oliver Barker-Vormawor ask rhetorically.

In July dis year, First Lady of Ghana, Rebecca Akufo-Addo refund monies she receive as allowance from 2017 to 2021 after Ghanaians call out de govment.

De second lady also take similar actions by refunding monies she receive as backdated salary from 2017 to 2021.