Video of Boma and Tega under di duvet, dia ‘alleged’ kiss plus how di husband react

Big brother Naija housemates Boma and Tega don become close for di big brother ‘shine ya eye reality show sotey dis don tok-tok for social media.

Tega wey come from Akwa Ibom state na married woman wey bin introduce herself as pesin wey get personality of water and fire. While Boma wey be 34-years-old mixologist, model and former footballer too bin don marry before.

Early on for di show, Tega begin make pipo notice her afta one truth or dare game wey she allow fellow housemate Saga to see and ‘suck’ her nipple.

Recently, na her closeness for di house with fellow housemate Boma, especially becos of marital status dey make both of dem trend.

Di Boma and Tega ‘kiss’

Dis week, one video begin trend online wey show Boma and Tega dem ontop bed dey kiss.

Di video go viral and spark a lot of reactions.

Inside di video, Boma and Tega sleep ontop bed. Dem near each oda before dem bin kiss.

While some Nigerians believe say dis one no suppose be sake of her status, odas say she just dey catch cruise and play her game.

Tega husband react

Di first time Tega begin trend say she allow anoda man ‘see’ her breast for di show, her husband bin come out to defend her.

Tega husband bin post ontop im Instagram page @ajmoney001 where e ask di viewers “to stay tuned for more content” as e add say im wife na actress.

According to am, Tega go still do more for di house.

Im post read: “My wife na actress. If dat na movie scene, she go still do more.

On Tuesday, afta video of Tega and Boma kiss bin go viral, reports say her husband post some messages again ontop Instagram.

“First of all, I love my wife so much. However, I go like to state say our marriage no dey perfect just like many oda marriages out there. We be two imperfect pipo. Di past 24 hours don be hell for us as a family,” Tega husband took.

“I don wrong my wife in so many ways but cheating on her na wetin break di bond wey we get as a couple. Before you judge me, please note say I no dey perfect. I no be di best husband as you all tink I dey.”

I bin cheat on my wife in our matrimonial home. I no dey proud of dis. Dis mistake don cause so much damage in our marriage to di extent of her threatening to leave our once happy home.

“In my own little way, I don try to make amends for everything I don do wrong. I don try to support her dreams, to campaign and defend her and also to be a better man. But all these, I do am in her absence.

‘She no deserve me. She deserve her happiness and peace of mind. And if she dey do or saying anything to spite me, na because I deserve am.”

“I dey sorry babe for not being di man you want me to be for you. I dey sorry for everything. I be just a man wey don make mistake and hope you forgive me. I love my wife and go give her all di support she need.”

“Even if she no forgive me, I want di best for her because she don be nothing but di best woman for my life. God bless you all for your prayers and support.” Di message bin read.

As at di time of filing dis report, dat message don delete.

Meanwhile, On Tuesday, report come out say Boma open up about how e feel about Tega during di live show.

During im conversation with Jaypaul, e confess say e like Tega and e also tok about some of her virtues, and how like-minded two of dem be.