R. Kelly trial for sexual abuse: Prosecution say di US music star fake Aaliyah ID card to marry am

Artist sketch of R Kelly for court

Artist sketch of R Kelly for court

American music star R. Kelly case on top sex abuse, bribery and racketeering don start for New York.

Di R&B star don deny all these accuse dem several time.

If dem find am guilty, e fit spend di next ten years or even di rest of im life for inside prison.

Di prosecutor accuse R. Kelly say im use im fame take entice young women and girls come control dem and abuse dem sexually, physically and psychologically.

R. Kelly wey im full name na Robert Sylvester Kelly dey face accuse of say im be di ring leader of a 20 year scheme wey dey control women and underage girls dem for sex.

One courtroom sketch of R Kelly for New York court as im trial begin

One courtroom artist drawing of R. Kelly (second right) for court as im trial start

Assistant US Attorney Maria Melendez tok for di opening statement say oga Kelly “na man wey don use lies manipulation threats and physical abuse take overpower im victims and run away from accountability for years.”

Melendez tok say with im fame, im bin get “im pick of young fans” wey e bin dey keep like say dem no be human beings.

She also accuse am say e use bodyguards, drivers, lawyers and accountants take hide wetin im do.

She also say im go feem dem as dem dey knack and later threaten to release di videos dem.

Prosecutors dey also try to show say for 1994, oga Kelly bribe Illinois official to give am fake identification for late R&B singer Aaliyah wey dat time bin dey 15 years old so dem go fit marry.

Prosecutors say di marriage license bin put her age as 18.


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Many pipo tink say Aaliyah na one of di victims wey dem list for dis case

Aaliyah wey many pipo tink say na di Jane Doe #1 for di cases wey dem bring against R. Kelly bin die for 2001 for plane crash.

Earlier dis month, dem confam tori say R. Kelly bin get sexual relationship with Aaliyah wen she still dey underaged

Di Grammy winner siddon for court where im wear gray suit, purple tie, and glasses as im face ground as prosecution dey tok.

Dis na even as im fans bin stand for outside of di courtroom dey shout “Free R Kelly”.

R Kelly

R Kelly don dey prison for two years as dem dey move im trial date because of di coronavirus pandemic

Even if dem free R. Kelly for dis mata, im still get case to answer for Illinois and Minnesota wia im also don plead not guilty.

R. Kelly bin don formally face Child pornography case for 2008 but dem free am.

For im opening statement, R. Kelly lawyer, Nicole Blank Becker call di alleged victims say dem be groupies wey dey vex.

Nicole Blank Becker

Nicole Blank Becker (left) na R. Kelly lawyer

She say, dem bin originally agree to sleep with di star before later dem come turn “spiteful”.

“E no recruit dem, dem be fans and na dem come meet oga Kelly.”

Na wetin she tell di court. She add say some of di relationships bin dey for long and bin dey “beautiful”