Lauretta Onochie: President Buhari PA wey Senate screen for INEC Federal Commissioner job

Lauretta Onochie senate screening as INEC Federal Commissioner-nominee no go down well wit many.

Pipo dey frown face mainly because she be Personal Assistant on Social Media to Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari.

Onochie collect nomination from President Muhammadu Buhari for di position of national commissioner of INEC for October 2020.

Critics of di move say Lauretta Onochie na card carrying member of APC so her appointment as Nigeria election refree no make sense.

But on Thursday 8 July, 2021 wen Onochie appear before Nigeria Senate panel for screening, she say:

She no longer be card carrying member of di ruling APC or dey partisan.

Last week, Nigeria main opposition part; PDP protest Lauretta Onochie nomination for di National Assembly.

INEC – Independent National Electoral Commission – na Nigeria election office wey dey conduct general elections and announce results.

If her screening scale through, she go rep south south region as one of di senior election referees alias Federal Commissioner for INEC.

Di last time dis kain concern bin happun for Nigeria na wen di then Buhari, as opposition candidate, contest to be president in 2003.

During im election tribunal, im raise concern say President Olusegun Obasanjo goment bin appoint card carrying members of PDP into INEC.

Di Supreme Court for Buhari v. Obasanjo 2005 case rule dat time say e no dey sufficient to lead to di conclusion say dem bin dey biased.

BBC Pidgin don gada informate about who Lauretta Onochie truly be.

Who be Lauretta Onochie?

She describe herself as experienced consultant with a demonstrated history of working in education management industry.

She also don get skills to work for lecturing, and event management.

Just say Lauretta Onochie na Nigerian educationist ey bin dey base for England before she return home to work for Buhari.

Lauretta Onochie education background

Lauretta Onochie na Post Graduate focused in Post Compulsory Education and Training from University of Greenwich from 2004 to 2005.

She bin attend University of Calabar wia she study elementary education.

She also bin attend University of Benin wia she graduate with anoda degree in Business Education.

Onochie attend primary and secondary schools insie Calabar.

Di Post Compulsory Education and Training PCET na professional teacher education programme wey qualify a pesin to teach for post compulsory education and training sector.

Lauretta Onochie don also do two certificate programs for Harvard University, one in Humanitarian Response To Conflict And Disaster.

And di oda in Health Effects Of Climate Change.

Lauretta Onochie career profile

Between 2005 and 2011, Lauretta Onochie bin serve as lecturer for New City College – Epping Forest Campus.

Dat a one further education college inside Loughton, England, wey dey offer a wide range of vocational qualifications.

Thereafta she become a consultant for AfricaFirst.

Na di office she bin occupy until she get appointment as Personal Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari in 2016.

Lauretta Onochie family life

Lauretta Onochie na a mother and a grandmother and her family and children dey live in England.

She tok for one interview say she don marry only once.

Lauretta Onochie date of birth na Thursday 9 July, 1959.

She be 62 years old now.

Lauretta Onochie state of origin Delta State, southern Nigeria and her village na Anioma South LGA, di Igbo-speaking part of di state.

Onochie grow up for Calabar and spend most of her early life there.

She bin spend 18 years of her life inside di Cross River State capital.