7/7 celebration: Police warn hoodlums and cultists wey dey plan 7/7 anniversary for Lagos, Oyo and Osun states

Police dey use water canon on protesters

Police dey use water canon on protesters for Yoruba nation rally for Lagos

Police commands for some south-west states for Nigeria don sama serious warnings give any hoodlum or cult groups wey get plan to celebrate dis year ‘7/7 Neo Black Movement of Africa aka Black Axe Day’.

Di warning from di Lagos, Oyo and Osun police commissioners dey come as 7/7 begin trend for Nigeria social media.

Police say 7/7 na day wey cultists dey do procession and unlawful gathering wey fit lead to breakdown of law.

For inside statement, di commissioners say dem ready to deal wit organizers or anybody dem catch wey dey plan to cause violence for di states.

Lagos Commissioner of Police Hakeem Odumosu say im don put officers and men on red alert to deal wit suspects.

E add join say im don direct Area Commanders, Divisional Police Officers and Heads of Tactical Units to monitor di activities of cultists and increase patrols across di state.

Meanwhile im counterpart for Oyo state, Ngozi Onadeko say di police command don collabo wit sister agencies to clamp down heavily on organizers, leaders and dos wey get plans cause needless destruction of lives and properties.

However Neo Black Movement of Africa Worldwide for dia official Facebook Page say dem no get any event or activity dem plan for 7th July, 2021.

Wetin be Neo Black Movement and how take connect to 7/7

Police gbab Yoruba nation protester for Ojota, Lagos


No informate for di Neo Black Movement of Africa (NBM) website wey show say every 7th of July na di day of dia celebration.

However, di NBM say dem be peaceful group and dia mission na to spread di message of peace, respect and tolerance among everybody.

E add join say dem dey promote and advance di black race all ova di world and condemn all kind of racism, apartheid and oppression all ova di world.

According to report, na nine Nigerian students start di “The Neo-Black Movement of Africa” (NBM) for di 1970s to fight against oppression and racism.

However in recent years, police officers and prosecutors for different kontris like US, Canada, UK and Italy wey investigate some NBM members. Dem accuse dem of different criminal activities like magomago, 419, drug and human trafficking.

For Nigeria, di NBM don dey repeatedly linked to “Black Axe” one illegal gang wey don cause serious violence and killings for di kontri.

Last weekend, Police bin use teargas, water canon and fire gunshots in di air to pursue protesters wey gada for di Yoruba nation rally for Lagos state.

One young girl also die near di place wey di rally hold.

Dis na despite warning from police for di organisers of di rally to march break, crowd bin still gada for Ojota, on Saturday.