Nnamdi Kanu news today: Nigeria manufacture 11 count charge against Ipob leader – Lawyer

Di arrest, extradition and detention of Ipob leader Nnamdi Kanu inside Nigeria don pass one week.

But e never still clear how Nigeria goment take arrest di Biafra separatist.

Now im lawyer Ifeanyi Ejiofor don reveal to BBC Pidgin wetin be im major concern as things be so.

Ejiofor believe say wit di way Nigeria goment take bring di Ipob leader enta di kontri “I know sure sey im go fit get fair trial.

Already many pipo including Nobel Laureate Professor Wole Soyinka don criticise di way and manner Nigeria moment take ‘arrest’ di Ipob leader.

“I tink say dem kidnap Nnamdi Kanu and dat one dey wrong internationally and e dey wrong morally,” Prof. Soyinka tok.

Kanu lawyer say: “Forget all those tok wey dem (federal goment) dey tok.

“Dem know wetin dem wan do. Na wetin make dem carry my client go court without telling me.”

Nigeria keep Nnamdi Kanu for dia secret police [DSS] custody as pesin of interest until 26 July wen im court trial on criminal charges go resume.

But im lawyer also say im no like as goment dey treat Nnamdi Kanu –

“See wetin happen for open court di oda day.

Dem cover im face like sey na terrorist. We all know Section 36 (5) of di Constitution presume Kanu innocent until dem prove am guilty.”

On di number of charges wey Kanu dey face for court, Ifeanyi Ejiofor say no be true.

Nigeria Minister of Justice and Attorney General Abubakar Malami bin tell tori pipo for Abuja, di kontri capital on June 29, 2021 say:

“Kanu go still answer for di 11 charges wey e bin dey face for court before e try to escape justice.

“And we don already re-present before court.”

But di Ipob Lawyer say di charges against im client na three as at wen dem grant di separation group leader bail.

“Nnamdi Kanu before wetin happen for im place happen dey face only 3 count charges.

“Out di 11 wey federal goment bin file against am for 2015 di court strike out 8 count out of di sake of my arguments.

“How come Attorney General dey introduce 8 new charges.

“I dey fear sey dem fit don make Nnamdi Kanu take plea on those 11 charges wey I never see” Ejiofor tok.

Di lawyer say im go address all im concerns for court on di 26 July wen dem go arraign di Ipob leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

See wetin Nnamdi Kanu go ‘likely’ face for Nigeria detention

Nnamdi Kanu on 29 June, 2021 after im arrest and return to Nigeria.

On di 26th of July full trial go start for Federal High Court Abuja.

And na accelerated hearing alias speedy trial na im Kanu case go be.

Di prosecution cousel wey be goment lawyer, go must arrange all im witness plus evidences dem

Dis time around, Kanu lawyer sef go dey court to represent am

Na for court two floor five na im di case go hold for Abuja Federal High Court.

And na Justice Binta Nyako na im go preside over di case.

Goment lawyers fit apply for witness protection.

Dat go make am difficult for media pipo to cover di event.

BBC Pidgin tok to some constitutional lawyer about di complication of dis mata and wetin di law tok

Former Chairman of NBA OCJ Okocha and Marshal Abubakar say e go be interesting case sake of say di charges against am dey big.

Di senior lawyers believe say goment dey right for law for dis case.

Okocha and Abubakar both SANs list di following reasons:

  • At di time dem arrest Kanu e be but fugitive and so di manner wey dem arrest am dey okay.
  • Goment bin don issue bench warrant for im arrest as dem don cancel im bail afta e jump bail.
  • Nnamdi Kanu mata fit worse sake di bail wey e jump.
  • And dem go make am to face im formal charges.
  • Possibility dey say di goment fit amend di charges against am sake of say na him allegedly create di Eastern Security Network [ESN] wey be armed organisation.

Nnamdi Kanu trial: Which kain punishment im fit face?

Again di two legal experts say:

If dem find am guilty of di charge of treasonable felony, Nnamdi Kanu go face di capital punishment wey be death penalty.

Dis na because around di world, treason na di highest civil offense wey pesin fit commit.

And e carry death penalty as di maximum sentence and e fit also carry life in prisonment

For Nigerian Law, no right dey for any part to divide or breakaway.

So pesin wey engage for dat kain agitation for cessation, di pesin dey engage in a treasonable offence.