Emmanuel Macron: France president slapped, George Bush shoe attack, Julia Gillard sandwich ‘abuse’ and oda times world leaders suffer similar incidents

World leaders wey don dey attacked by regular pipo

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Di slap wey Emmanuel Macron wey be presido for France receive from regular pesin on Tuesday still be subject of discussion across di world.

Di President bin chop slap for face from man during one official visit wey e do go southeast of France.

E receive di slap as e dey waka up to one barrier during di trip to Tain-l’Hermitage outside di city of Valence.

For di video wey dey circulate for social media, one man wey wear green T-shirt slap Macron for di face before officers quickly move in.

French president bodyguards come pull Macron away. Authorities don arrest two men sake of dis incident, according to French media.

As di man slap di president, e shout di words “Down with Macron-ism.”

For di video, oga Macron briefly return back to di barrier wey di incident for happun and once again greet di crowd.

But dis kainattack no be di first time global leaders go suffer random attacks from ‘regular pipo’ in di past

See oda times

Journalist throw shoe at US presido Bush for 2008

Journalist throw shoe at US presido Bush for 2008

George Bush and di shoe thrower – Dis one happun for 2008 wen George Bush still be presido for United States and e visit Iraq on ‘farewell tour’ before e leave White House.

As e dey do press conference alongside Iraqi prime minister, one journalist throw shoe wey almost hit am if not say e dodge. Dem arrest di journalist immediately after.

Australian PM and Sandwich ‘abuse’– Dis one happun for 2013 wen Australian prime minister at di time Julia Gillard tour one school.

One student throw sandwich come meet Australian PM Julia Gillard for 2013

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One student throw sandwich come meet Australian PM Julia Gillard for 2013

One of di students throw sandwich at her and later the female PM say “one of di student for di school dey naughty for wetin im do.”

Di school later identify di student wey throw sandwich at Madam Prime minister.

Arnold say im no press charge for di pesin wey attack am

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California govnor and egg throw – Dis one happun to popular California Govnor and Hollywood star Arnorld Schwarzenneger when e bin dey campaign for 2003.

Di Terminator actor bin dey greet supporters with handshake wen one pesin decide to throw egg on am wey break on im shoulder.