Names and meaning: How your name fit affect your life and personality

Names and meaning:

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Names dey get time to trend, so be wetin society dey gum for di name

You fit don dey beef your parents on top di way wey dem treat you say na wetin make you dey behave like you dey behave.

Howeva, di name wey dem give you dey play major role into how pipo on how pipo go treat you as well as how dat fit affect you personality.

For dis tori, we go show una dating, crime and CEOs study dem wey go speak to how dia name dey affect dia life.

And wetin fit affect di name so dat e go change di way, di world go treat dem.

Parents dey take time especially for Africa wen dem dey give name, either dem go for creativity, make I give my pikin tush name; dat kain tin, or give di name wey be like prayer to bless im future.

No be say oda tins no dey wey dey form di pesin you go become like friends, family, genes and tins like dat but as Grodon Albot wey be one of di founders of personality psychology tok am “our name na di most important tin for our self-identity”.

David Zhu, wey be University of Arizona psychologist wey dey research di psychology of names also agree, as im add say na im relationship to oda pipo dey form di identity.

Names and meaning:

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Most of us go cari di nmae wey our parents give us till we die

Normally, di name of pipo dey tell about where we from come which for dis kain world fit cause wahala, like afta 9/11 pipo wey get Arabic sounding name bin no dey get interview calls.

But dat no be wia di influence end as e go down to weda di name wey pesin get dey in style at di time or unfashionable na how pipo go follow treat (for instance Karen, after dem use am to represent racist women).

E fill enta dating as US psychologist Jean Twenge find for im 2000s study wey show even afta dem comot family background or depression, pipo wey no like dia name get psychological wahala pass.

For study wey dem carry out for Germany for 2011, Jochen Gebauer and Wiebke Neberich find out di pipo wey get names wey no dey in vogue, dey more likely to dey rejected for dating site, than pipo wey get di names wey dey trend.

If you take dis dating experiment take represent life in general, you go fit see how names dey take arrange how pipo dey treat yo and in turn how you turn out.

And e be like say anoda study fit prove am, e say pipo go fit help pesin wey get “beta” name wey dem like, and refuse to help pipo wey name no dey positive.

Our names get dis kain effects for life because dem fit affect how pipo dey treat us and in turn, how we go like ourselves.

Anoda tin wey dis dating study show be say di pipo wey dem bin reject because of dia names bin get low self esteem and no get beta education as if di rejection wey dem receive because of dia name na wetin dem don see for dia life.

For Beijing, Huajian Cai and im colleagues dem bin find out say pipo wy get names wey no dey popular or no dey “warm” or “moral”, bin dey more likely to put land for wuru-wuru, alias crime.

You fit relate am with di fact say pipo dey reject you or no dey help sake of name go fit lead di pesin to get personality wey pipo no go agree with.

So far, we don chook eye di bad influence of names but recent studies show some good influence.

For instance if you get name wey sound like song, like Marla, pipo go likely judge say, dis pesin go dey nice and na so dem go treat them.

Names and meaning:

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But, while if you get name wey no too common, while e fit increase your risk of rejection in di short term, e also fit create sense of uniqueness for your bodi.

Like anoda study wey Cai and im team bin do for Beijing Institute of Psychology, dem find say pesin wey get rare name or name wey no dey common dey more likely to get unusual career like feem director or judge.

Sabi pipo tink say pipo wey get unique name dey form wetin dem call “distinctiveness motive” one of di tins wey get di idea say di meaning of your name fit influence di way wey you go live your life.

Zhu from University of Arizona bin find say, pesin name fit make us creative and more open-minded.

Dem test am with CEOs wey get rare names and see say di way wey dem dey take run dia business and dia various strategies dey different most especially if dme get confidence join.

If you be parent wey dey consider which kain character you help your pikin get with name, note say all of dem get pros and cons.

So Zhu get solution wey fit work, and wey get di best of both of both worlds. E say to give your pikin common name wey go make am likeable and also give am nickname wey dey unique so im go feel like one of a kind and lead interesting life..

*Christian Jarrett na science writer wey be di author of Be Who You Want: Unlocking The Science of Personality Change