Ghana couple allegedly bury son alive: Police arrest Paul Adobaw, wife who allegedly bury ‘2-year-old Yaw Adobaw’ alive

Ghana Police arrest man and wife who allegedly bury one and half year old son alive for, Central Region.

Eyewitnesses say de couple together with one fetish priest meet together at dawn to bury de child.

Abubakari Mohammed, who witness de alleged crime from en room reveal say he see de three outside dey behave strange.

“As I dey de room, I see say some child dey on de shoulder of one of de three people… I realize later say be like dem bury de child” he talk journalists.

“So I report de matter to police wey after police make he dig de grave, we discover say true true dem bury de boy” Mr Abubakar who witness de incident add.

Central Regional Police Command PRO, DSP Irene Oppong reveal say “Abubakari Mohammed report de matter to dem around 3.00am.

“He see Paul Adobaw alias Kojo Okor, who be en landlord together with two women, but heck like dem harm de child.”

Police upon de report arrest Paul Adobaw wey dem move am to de crime scene, dem order de suspect to open shallow grave wia dem find de body of deceased son, Yaw Adobaw.

Dem remove de body only to discover after careful examination day blood dey come out from en nose and mouth wey dem deposit de body for mortuary.

De suspect, Paul Adobaw dey inside police custody dey help plus investigations, meanwhile police dey search de so called priestess who dey on de run.

BBC Pidgin dey pick up news say Chief and elders of de area dey pour libation to cleanse de land sake of de claim say dem bury de child alive.

E no be clear why de couple bury to de child alive but some people dey talk say sometimes de child get some deformity that be why dem conspire plus de fetish priestess to kill de child.

Ghana Police dey on manhunt for de priestess who dey on de run


De suspects go face de death penalty if court find dem guilty per Section 46 of Ghana criminal codes.

Chapter 2 Section 46 of de criminal code de state say “whoever go commit murder go be liable to suffer death.”

Since de suspects intentionally cause de death of de little boy without provocation dem go face de death penalty.

Police start investigations into de matter, after putting together case docket against de suspects dem now go process dem for court.

De practice of killing children sake of claims say dem be spirit child be rare for Ghana, sake of that occasional incidents like dis one dey create public concern sake of 1992 Constitution of Ghana dey protect everyone right to life.