Ada Jesus burial: Mmesoma Mercy Obi papa say im daughter know say she go die- See wetin her husband tok

Ada Jesus burial


Di Fada of di late Nigerian comedian, Ada Jesus say im daughter know say she go die sake of di tins wey she dey tok wen she bin dey sick.

Hon. Onyefeze Alaekwe wey be Ada Jesus papa tok dis one give BBC Pidgin during di funeral today.

“My daughter know say she go die. You know wen somebody start to dey tell you say wen she die make dem give her a befitting burial.”

“No be today I start to dey see tins and being somebody wey don dey sick for sometime her death no come to me as a surprise. I no dey happy say my daughter die but I no fit question God.”

“Ada Jesus na di only daughter wey I get… I no be di first pesin to loss im daughter but her death pain me well-well.”

Ada Jesus burial

Hon. Onyefeze Alaekwe, fada to Ada Jesus

Oga Onyefeze Alaekwe thank pipo wey donate money during di period wey Ada Jesus dey battle with Kidney disease for hospital.

“I thank many pipo wey contribute through one way or di oda because many pipo try to see say her life dey save but death being wetin e be, nobody fit stop death.”

Ada Jesus wey her real name be Mmesoma Mercy Obi, die on di 21st of April 2021 afta she bin dey sick wit kidney problem

Wetin kingsley Nnadi, Ada Jesus Husband tok

Ada Jesus burial

kingsley Nnadi, husband to Ada Jesus

Late Ada Jesus husband, kingsley Nnadi say di death of im wife na big loss to am.

“My wife na very good woman, she get good heart and I dey so happy to have her as my wife. I dey so happy to be her husband.”

“I no dey really happy say I lost my wife for di age of 24 and our marriage no last. Our marriage na just two years. Her death na big loss to me.”

Kingsley Nnadi say e marry Ada Jesus on di 5th April 2019, and dem get one daughter wey be one and six month now.

Concerning encouragement to late Ada Jesus fans, Kingsley Nnadi say e want di fans togeda with all di pipo wey love her comedy to take heart,

“I want her fans and odas wey love her comedy to take heart, nobody go fit question God and we believe say everytin go dey alright.”