Mbaka apologises: Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka apologise to Catholic Church, ask Bishop to rest case

Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, popular Nigerian priest, don apologise to di Catholic Church.

Fr. Mbaka apology to im church and colleagues follow ‘misunderstanding’ about one mata wey involve di priest ‘disappearance’.

Inside Sunday service in Enugu, wia im parish dey, Mbaka kneel down as im say:

“I render my unalloyed sincere apologies to di Holy Roman Catholic Church wey I belong to. I pray for forgiveness.”

Mbaka bin tok dis one on 10 May, one week after im followers allege say na kidnap dem kidnap dia priest.

Dis na after dem [Mbaka followers] protest say dem no see am for two days.

Inside di message wey im parish, di Adoration Ministries of Enugu Nigeria (AMEN) cari, di priest also beg Bishop Callistus Onaga.

Onaga be Mbaka senior and oda priests for Enugu to “rest di case”.

Di whole tori become national news after pipo wey dey protest im disappearance go di residence of di Bishop Onaga. come break some glass.

Mbaka say im no send anybody message to do dat kain tin and e blame pipo wey “hijack” di protest from im followers.

Anoda pesin wey di priest blame na di Devil, wey e say enter di tori to cause panic.

“Father Mbaka no get problem wit di church, I no get problem wit my bishop but pipo want make e happen like dis but I no go allow am,” tok di Enugu based religious leader.

Wetin happun to Father Mbaka?

Early on di morning of Wednesday 5 May, followers of Reverend Mbaka bin march in protest to di house of di Catholic Bishop of Enugu to demand im whereabout.

According to di protesters, di last place wey Father Mbaka tell dem say im dey go na di Bishop house on Tuesday and since dat night dem neva seem am.

But after some hours of protest di reverend father come show face give di crowd.

Father Mbaka don dey news dis past few days afta im cari prophesy say make Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari resign.

Di presidency respond to di prophesy say Mbaka dey attack Buhari becos im ask for contract and dem no give am, but Father Mbaka don deny am.