Twitter new feature go allow users think twice before sending offensive post – See wetin to know

Twitter banner on mobile phone

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Twitter go now prompt users to review and revise “potentially harmful or offensive” replies.

Di social media platform, wey don mostly face criticism ontop abusive user behaviour, test di feature last year.

Twitter say di tests show say di prompts go reduce offensive replies.

On Wednesday, di company say dem go roll out di prompts out to English language accounts wey dey useTwitter on Apple and Android.

For one blog post, Twitter say dem don see say di prompts lead 34% of pipo to revise dia initial reply or to decide against sending dia reply at all.

Users composed, on average, 11% less offensive replies afta we prompt dem for di first time, Twitter tok.

E also dey less likely to receive offensive and harmful replies back.

E also look like say, however, you fit still swear at your friends.

Twitter say di prompts dey designed to consider di nature of di relationship between di accounts wey tweet and di account wey reply.

“If two accounts follow and reply to each other often, e get higher likelihood say dem go get better understanding of preferred tone of communication,” Twitter tok

Platforms dey target user behaviour

Tech platforms don dey battle in recent years wit how to police offensive content, abuse and harassment on dia platforms.

Twitter most recent statistics, for January to June last year, show say di platform remove potentially offensive content wey 1.9 million accounts bin post, and suspend 925,700 accounts for violating Twitter rules.

Although plenti pipo believe platforms must dey more aggressive in policing online abuse and false information.