Why dem postpone Man United vs Liverpool Match?

Pipo wey enta Old Trafford dey protest

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Pipo wey enta Old Trafford dey protest

Manchester United don postpone dia Premier League match against Liverpool till further notice.

Manchester United for inside statement, tok say di postponement of di match, wey suppose happun on Sunday for Old Trafford , na because of of “safety and security concerns”.

Dis dey come as di fans of di Red Devils bin break enta into di stadium to call for di sale of di club.

Di fans no want di American family, Glazer Family to own di team again on top dia involvement for di failed European Super League mata.

Premier League bin also announce for statement, say dem understand di feeling wey di fans bin dey take protest but dem no agree with di gra-gra way fans for di stadium take do am.

Manchester United be one of di ‘big six’ wey initially join di European super league before dem comot hand say dem no do again afta backlash from fans.

History of di Protest

Dis current protest na because of Manchester United involvement for inside di doomed ESL however di tension no start now.

But e get plenti reasons why dem dey protest, one fan say na di gbese wey Old Trafford don get dey make dem dey protest.

Anda tin be say dem dey para say di club owners no dey gree to attend dia meetings.

Already club supporters bin din dey beef di Glazer Family since dem take ownership of di club for 2005.

However for dis ESL mata, di Manchester United Supporters Trust (MUST) don tok say dem no get any single trust for di owners on top say dem no care about di club an just dey for profit.