Akuapem Poloo bail hearing update: Ghana court grant jailed actress Rosemond Brown bail afta 90 days prison sentence

"Akuapem Poloo bail hearing": [Ghana actress Rosemond Brown prison appeal]


High Court for Ghana grant actress Rosemond Brown AKA Akuapem Poloo bail, one week afta her prison sentence.

Dis be after en lawyers pray de court say based on de appeal case which dey go on, dem for release am whilst de case dey go on.

According to Lawyer Andy Vortia, de court uphold dema application on grounds say she be first time offender, her own guilty plea and finally de welfare of en seven year old daughter.

Mr. Vortia talk BBC Pidgin say dem grant am bail to de sum of Ghc80,000 with two sureties.

Also, de court direct say she for report to de police twice a week and also she for submit her passport to de registrar of court.

In addition, de court direct say de actress for notify de court den police of any travel plans which den to decide on.

Me Vortia explain say based on de fact that dem dey appeal de case, e dey within de laws say de convict go fit get bail whilst de case dey go on.

He explain say den restore am to en previous status where she go fit talk about in town freely like everyone else.

Akuapem Poloo bail hearing update

Lawyer Andy Vortia

Di actress first hearing on appeal of her prison sentence for Ghana High Court start on Wednesday 21 April.

Lawyers for Ghanaian social media sensation, dey appear before Accra High Court to make dema appeal case for de actress.

Vortia, in de appeal pray de courts say dem for give Akuapem Poloo fine instead of custodial sentence.

According to her lawyer, one of de reasons he be positive about de appeal be sake of he get support from some state officials who feel day de sentence be harsh.

De legal team file de appeal on Monday, April 19, 2021, and a subsequent bail application to keep Akuapem Poloo out of prison while de appeal hearing dey go on.

Akuapem Poloo bail hearing: Background

Lawyers for Ghana Actress, Rosemond Brown, aka Akuapem Poloo file application to appeal 90 day sentence wey court give de actress.

Lawyer Andy Vortia in de notice of appeal to de Accra High Court argue say de jail sentence be harsh.

Lawyer Vortia establish de grounds of appeal on two issues.

First, dem believe say she be first time offender wey once she plead guilty to de misdemeanor of publishing nude photos, dem no for hand am harsh sentence.

Second, de lawyers de argue say like de court for give am fine for en misdemeanor instead of custodial sentence.

Dem file de notice of appeal Monday yeste after de lawyer for Poloo indicate say other legal brains give am de push to appeal.

Mr Vortia also file bail application for de actress pending de appeal case wey dem bring before de Accra High Court.

Dis appeal de come despite say Poloo for video inside accept de 90 day sentence den assure fans say she go come back soon.

Accra Circuit Court last week [on 14 April, 2021] sentence Akuapem Poloo to 90 days in jail sake of she publish semi nude pictures of herself den son on social media.

De son of de actress according to lawyers say dem talk de son say en mother dey act movie.

“I talk am say en mother dey act some movie. I have create de impression say what dey happen be part of de role she dey play” he reveal.