Ramadan: Kano state go punish food sellers pass pipo wey dey chop during fasting as Hisbah arrest 11 pipo


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Kano State Hisbah Board say pipo wey dey sell food during di holy month of Ramadan fasting get more offence pass di pipo wey dey chop food for public during di period.

Hisbah Commander for Kumbotso local goment for Kano, north west Nigeria, Muhammad Gwani, tell BBC say food seller for di state even get offense pass pipo wey dey dodge fast.

“For our side, even though di pipo wey go buy food eat during fasting get offense di bigger offenders na di food sellers because if dem no sell di buyers no go come.”

Oga Gwani dey tok dis one afta three men and eight women chop arrest for Kano North West Nigeria for eating during fasting.

Officials of di Kano State Hisbah Board say dem bin arrest di eleven pipo as dem dey eat for broad day light meaning say dem no dey fast.

Di director general of di board Aliyu Musa Kibiya say: “we go torchlight di mata and if dem get beta reason we go release dem. Di ones wey dey guilty, we go teach dem and even cari dem go court if necessary.”

According to oga Gwani, di penalty dey different different based on wetin court tok but sometimes e no dey pass warning or flogging.

Hisbah Kano commander arrested

Hisbah oga say dem go receive report today

“For some of di offenders na just warning while di stubborn ones fit chop flogging based on wetin court order,” im tok.

For Islam, fasting during di month of Ramadan dey compulsory for all adults wey dey healthy.

Di only pipo wey dey exempted from fasting during dis period na pipo wey dey travel and women wey dey do dia menstruation.