‘No murderer go escape punishment’ – Police arrest suspected attackers of police stations for Southeast

Nigerian police


Nigeria Police Force say dem don arrest 16 suspects wey get hand for di plenti violent attacks on security operatives and facilities for some states particularly for South-Eastern part of di Kontri.

Police say dis arrest na di result of di hard work of Police officers wey collabo with di Army and Air Force to gbab those pipo wey dey responsible for di new trend of attacks on security personnel.

Dis dey come as plenti police officers na im some unknown gunmen don kill recently for different attacks wey happun around South-east region of Nigeria.

“No murderer go go unpunished…we don dey close up on dem,” na so Inspector general of Police, Mohammed Adamu tok.

Oga Adamu tok say di Force no go tolerate any further attack on dia personnel or any citizen by any individual or group under any pretence whatsoever.

E promise say di Law Enforcement Agents don gada enof intelligence on di attackers and dem don dey close to catching all di suspects wey get hands for di attacks either directly or indirectly, for giving money or helping di criminals.

Di police oga say dem go charge all di suspects to court as soon as dem conclude dia investigations.

Police arrest di suspects for different parts of di kontri and recover nine AK47 rifles, five oda sophisticated firearms, seventeen AK47 Magazines, 549 AK47 live ammunition, 10 Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), camouflage bullet proof vests, walkie talkies and odas from di suspects.

Dem add say dia investigations link di suspects to di different attacks and murder of security personnel plus stealing, unlawful possession of firearms, arson and damage to di properties of security personnel.