AstraZeneca vaccine: University of Oxford “AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine” side effects Nigeria update

AstraZeneAstraZeneca vaccine: University of Oxford "AstraZeneca vaccine side effects" Nigeria updateca/Oxford vaccine

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AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine

University of Oxford AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine side effect matter don make Nigeria health authority clear di mata.

Di Nigeria goment say di Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine wey dem collect no follow for di batch wey dey worry some European kontries.

Some European kontris – and recently Thailand for Asia – don march brake ontop using dis brand of vaccine after reports comot say e dey cause blood clot as side effects.

Di National Primary Healthcare Development Agency [NPHCDA], wey dey in charge of di vaccination program for Nigeria, say although investigation don begin to see whether di batch wey arrive di kontri on 2 March get dis particular side effect, dem dey confident in di clinical testing wey rule say di vaccine dey “safe and effective”.

For Nigeria, di president Muhammadu Buhari and di vice Yemi Osinbajo, some state governors and front-line health workers, don already collect di vaccine.

NPHCDA say dem go continue to use di AstraZeneca vaccine – just like how UK and Spain still dey do – because na still “important method to protect against Covid-19”.

Dis na di latest from di Nigeria goment as at di morning of 12 March, wey be hours after di European Union declare say no connection dey between di small cases of blood clot and di vaccine.

European Medicines Agency (EMA) on Thursday say na 30 cases of dis side effect dey among di 5 million Europeans wey don collect di vaccination.

Health Ministries of Ghana and Ivory Coast, wey also collect di AstraZeneca vaccine around di time Nigeria collect, never react to dis latest development ( as per when we publish dis tori).

As at now, no report dey of any African kontri wey don stop to dey use di AstraZeneca vaccine.

South Africa wey stop recently na because dem torchlight say di vaccine no too dey strong against one variant wey dey circulate dia kontri.

Countris wey don stop AstraZeneca vaccine use

Di batch of di vaccine wey 17 European kontris collect – and wey be di one dem trace di few cases of blood clot to – na one ABV5300.

Some kontris ban di vaccine patapata, odas just target di batch wey get di issue.

Denmark – total suspension

Iceland – total suspension

Norway – total suspension

Italy – batch suspension

Austria – batch suspension

Estonia – batch suspension

Latvia – batch suspension

Lithuania – batch suspension

Luxemburg – batch suspension

Thailand – never begin use am