Miyetti Allah: See why foodstuff price dey worry for southern Nigeria over alleged northern blockade

Meat seller for Lagos

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Di southern part of Nigeria dey face wetin fit turn to major food crises as consumers for di region dey report over-high food price, in di face of alleged blockade from di northern states.

Make price of raw food items go up no be new tin for Nigeria – na di nature of farming and harvesting be that – but di current rise fit dey due to ’embargo’ reports of food and cattle, by dealers wey mostly dey based for northern states.

One hotel manager hala say when she enter market for Lagos di price of one sack of tomatoes wey bin go for N7,000 as at early February, don rise to N26,000 (almost four times) on 27 February.

Last week, di Amalgamated Union of Foodstuff and Cattle Dealers Association of Nigeria (AUFCDA) wey be joinbodi for northern region bin block dia members to bring food to di south, local tori bin report, but di reason no dey clear.

One letter from AUFCDA wey we torchlight reveal say di joinbodi dey para say dem no get any compensation for dia goods wey members lose during di Sasha market clash for southern Oyo state.

By today, di name ‘Miyetti Allah’ wey be joinbodi of cattle owners for north, don dey trend for Nigeria social media as pipo begin para and ask solution to di food shortage.

See price change for food items

For North, pipo wey react directly to BBC Pidgin say food itens don cheap now. Dis one go make sense as surplus don dey di region. Surplus from all di food and meat wey dem suppose carry come sell for oda parts of di kontri.

Zainab Mudi say for Minna, middle belt region, di price of pepper cheap sotey, she dey fear. She say N50 ($0.25) worth of di food item too much to finish in one day.

Meanwhile, for Oshogbo for south, one pesin say na only 4 pieces of pepper dey go for di same price. And dis pesin go need pass dis to make soup.

Other pipo kweshion whether e no better for all regions for Nigeria to support one another, because of di way all resources no boku for any one region.


Port Harcourt

BBC Pidgin tori pesin Karina Igonikon torchlight say price of foodstuff don rise sharpaly.

“Pesin no fit buy N500 meat again as di least wey dem go sell na N700 or N800. Whereas before even with N200, e no go hard to buy,” she bin tok.

Also one bag of rice now na N26,000 wey bin dey sell for N21,000 before.

Potato trader for Oyo State

Traders for Oyo – wia clashes don happen – no wan tok about wetin di cause of di price increase be


BBC Yoruba enter Bodija market on Monday wia traders dey para say make nobody blame dem for how tins cost, because na so dem too see am for wholesale market.

One elderly woman wey dey sell potatoes say from di N5,500 for bulk dem dey before, e don turn to N14,000 now.

tomato and onion for

Onion and Pepper na important items to make soup wey Nigerians dey known for


Nothing don really change for food prices inside Sheka market, BBC Pidgin tori pesin Mansur Abubakar bin tok from Kano.

Grain too dey important


Di federal goment never tok anything openly about di blockade but one fit only reason am for mind say dem dey try find solution to am.