Ethiopia Military lock up BBC reporter

Girmay Gebru

E no clear why military arrest BBC tori pesin Girmay Gebru

Ethiopia military don detain BBC tori pesin for inside di Ethiopia conflict-region of Tigray.

Girmay Gebru, wey dey work for BBC Tigrinya Service, bin chop arrest togeda wit four oda pipo for cafe for di Tigray region capital of Mekelle.

Eyewitnesses dem tell BBC say na soldiers wey wear military uniform come pack di five men put dem for vehicle wet two army moto bin escort.

E no clear wia dem lock up di five men but BBC dey hear say dem cari di reporter go military camp for Mekelle,

Tigray Region don dey under military command since November wen Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announce say federal forces don collect control of di region afta attack to pursue di Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) comot.

Di kasala burst afta TPLF fighters bin capture federal military bases for Tigray.

Hundreds of pipo don die and tens of thousands don run comot dia house even as tori dey come of human rights abuses for di region.

Di Ethiopian goment bin block foreign media to get link to di region and na just last week dem comot am.

Tigray Displaced persons

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Na almost two million pipo don run comot dia house sake of dis conflick

Dis detention dey come days afta dem arrest two oda local fixers wey bin dey work for di Agence France-Presse (AFP) nand di Financial Times,

Military also hold anoda local tori psin, Tamirat Yemane but dem no tok why.

Na last week, official for di ruling party bin warn say di goment “go take measues against those misleading international media”.

AFP and di Financial Times bin don collect approval from di Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority (EBA) and di Ministry of Peace to enta Tigray and report on di conflict.

Di Financial Times don tok for statement say dem dey do all possible tins to make sure say dem release di fixer.

Even afta Prime Minister Abiy bin declare victory as pro goment forces bin take control of di region capital, Mekella for November, kasala still dey happun for di region and state of emergency still dey ground.