Coronavirus live update: See which Cameroonians go bi first for take Covid-19 injection

Africa cronavirus vaccine

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Kontri pipo, weh deh don pass 50 years and di suffer wit some sickness, dey among de first group of pipo for take Covid-19 injection for Cameroon.

Health minister, Manaouda Malachie warn say no bi by force- na for kontri pipo for decide if deh wan de injection or not.

Cameroon go receive 2.5 million Covid-19 vaccines, weh na for 20 percent of about 22million Cameroonians.

Some African kontris don start receive injection for Corona-Covid-19, under Covax facility.

Covax facility dey under Gavi Alliance group for give di vaccine equally for 92 kontries for Africa and Ghana receive part of e own vaccines last week.

Who go receive dis vaccine?

Cameroon health minister, Manaouda Malachie don give plan for who go take de injection.

For now, pipo above 50 years weh deh di sick, health workers and groups of pipo wit health issues go take de vaccine first.

For Ghana, dia president, Nana Akoufo-Addo and First Lady go take de injection live for TV today. Dis na for encourage kontri pipo to take.

But for Cameroon, e nova bi clear if president Biya and First Lady go take de injection too live for TV.

Which vaccine?

Cameroon nova yet know de name of de Covax vaccine, weh kontri go receive and nova reach de conditions weh WHO put for receive de vaccine.

Covax di give de vaccine in connection wit Cameroon e capacity for store-cool chain and de target group for vaccinate.

Which time Cameroon go receive de vaccine?

For now e nova bi clear which date or time Cameroon go receive de vaccine. Cameroon nova fulfill all de conditions weh WHO put for ground before deh give vaccine.

But, Health minister, Manaouda Malachie say Cameroon go reach 80 percent of de conditions for receive de vaccines dis week.

Also Cameroon need for monitor and identify which hospital go take care of side effects.

Apart from Covax vaccine, Cameroon get plans for buy dia own vaccine. Scientific technical committee di work for chose de vaccine.