“LGBTQI office in Ghana” – Afta police raid Accra location, see how Ghana gay community dey survive

Ghana LGBTQI community dey survive through di support of some few pipo wey don come out publicly to stand behind dia afta Police raid and closed down dia new office for Accra.

On Wednesday, Ghana police storm de five bedroom apartment location wey dey house de LGBTQI group for Ashongman Estate inside Accra and close am down.

Afta dis incident, Ghanaian feminists bring out one statement wey say dem stand in solidarity with LGBT+ Rights Ghana and queer and transgender Ghanaians everywia.

De Feminists group tok for de statement wey 102 person sign say dem dey write to show de community say dem no dey alone;

“We hope dis statement fit help oda Ghanaians wey feel supportive know say dem no need to allow de goment, de press and religious sector bully dem.”

“We unapologetically and unreservedly stand in support of LGBT+ pipo to live with dignity and under safe conditions in Ghana. And we dey call on allies to do de work of speaking up for queer and trans pipo as dem dey subjected to violence by de state, religious institutions and de public.”

Actress Juliet Ibrahim also retweet several tweets wey show support to d iLGBTQI community and condemn de closing down of de office.

OutRight Action International wey dey fights for human rights for LGBTIQ pipo all ova de world everywhere tweeet say dem dey send strength and support to de LGBTIQ community for Ghana wey dey pass through serious attack in recent days and weeks.

TV journalist, Ignatius Annor wey recently come out openly as black gay say im stand with de Queer community.

Ignatius post for im instagram handle say im dey hope and pray for de time when dem go begin treat de LGBTQI+ community everywhere with nothing less than respect, kindness and basic human dignity.

Local Media report say Amnesty International also don condemn de police for de raid of LGBT office and describes am as invasion of de safe space for LGBT Rights Ghana.

Ghana tori pipo quote de Acting kontri Director of Amnesty International, Frank Doyi wey say de manner wey de police take close de office na clear violation of de kontri laws.

“De circumstance under which dem invade de facility na wetin we consider to be clear violation of de very laws wey we all seek to uphold.”

Meanwhile di LGBT+ Rights Ghana wey inform de public about de police raid to dia office and even share video of de raid for dia social media handle don dey thank pipo for lending dia voice.

Gay sex na criminal offense for Ghana and person fit get punishment of up to three years in prison because of dis.

Human Rights Watch for dia 2018 report bin accuse Ghana of abusing LGBTQ+ rights by keeping di law. 

"LGBTQI office in Ghana"

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Kenya for 2019 refuse to drop dia laws way make homosexuality dey illegal

[LGBTQI meaning]

“LGBTQI” stand for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex.

LGBT+ Rights Ghana na movement wey dey de forefront to champion de rights and freedom of all LGBTQIA person inside de kontri.

Dem establish am for 2018 and on de 31st of January 2021 dem officially host one fundraiser to officially promote dia community and open dia office.

Ghana, like many countries for Africa, get strong laws against same-sex relationship relationships, wey fit include jail sentence and fine.

Di west African kontri get an estimated population of 30 million pipo but do clear informate alias data dey to show di number of pipo wey be gay for Ghana.